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Mainstream media in India has little critical evaluation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the country kicks off a pivotal general election.

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A new generation of Japanese Americans is pushing one of the oldest and largest Asian American civil rights organizations to sever ties with two prominent Jewish American organizations and call for an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.

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Ukraine continues to fend off military pressure from Russia in the face of a lack of ammunition and with a $61 billion U.S. aid package stuck in Congress. #worldnews #politics #russiaukrainewar #defense #us #eu

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Almost 1 billion Indians begin voting Friday in elections lasting more than six weeks, weighing up whether to hand Prime Minister Narendra Modi a third five-year term.

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This clip:

“Just the other day a defeated-looking guy came up to me and asked if I could help. He was drowning in debt. I said, ‘I’m sorry Donald, but I can’t help you.’”

—President Biden, in Scranton on Tuesday

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With air defense systems based on aging Russian models, Iran would have little chance against Israel should they retaliate.

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If anyone in the U.S. corporate news media is going to talk about this Orange Dictator, this split-screen is EXACTLY the way the media must do it. Note how Lawrence does this here. It is very effective. THIS is what you do with a pathological LIAR like DT.

#TheLastWord #LastWord #politics #USA #Mastodon #BlackMastodon


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Iran's former nuclear chief has said the nation has the parts needed to make a nuclear weapon as the threat of Israel retaliating looms.

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Eyewitness video from #Iran clearly showing moment of impact from strikes on #Isfahan, Iran carried out by #Israel

Video available on telegram:
#IranUnderAttack #Politics #WestAsia
@palestine @israel

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Video from #Isphahan, #Iran showing a location is on fire and the air defense is active

As I predicted, almost all preliminary reports referring to Israeli attacks against Iran as "retaliation" unlike the reporting from earlier this week when Iran retaliated against is consulate bombing by Israel.

Video available on telegram channel:

#Israel #IsraelAttack #IranUnderAttack #Politics #WestAsia
@palestine @israel

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There are reports of attack on 3 places in #Daraa countryside in #Syria:

  • Izraa Agricultural Airport
  • Radar battalion between Izraa and Qarfa
  • Al-Thalaa Military Airport, west of Suwayda

#Israel #WestAsia #Politics

@palestine @israel

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holy crappolla 12 jurors??? Everyone was saying 7 in a day was amazingly fast but they did it two days in a row!

I hope you're all getting a bit more optimistic about

ps: gotta give it to for such an awesome headline

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Donald J Trump has violated his court ordered gag order SEVEN TIMES now.

HE MUST be treated the same as any other criminal Defendent and thrown in jail for his contempt of court!

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Tennessee passed a law banning chemtrails. It's important to note that chemtrails are not real. #politics

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Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Toshimitsu Motegi’s decision to formally dissolve his faction Wednesday epitomizes his fall from grace as a potential successor to Fumio Kishida as party chief and possibly prime minister, experts say.

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MAGA Greene has one goal - the destruction of US Democracy!

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) said she doesn’t care if the “Speaker’s office becomes a revolving door” in Thursday comments as she pushes for the removal of Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) just months after he took the position.
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #GOP #Politics #uspolitics #uspol #Trump #MAGA

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"We Have Our Jury!"

A total of 12 Trump jurors have been seated.

All that remains is the seating of 6 alternate jurors.

The trial MAY begin on Monday if all 18 jurors seated on Friday!
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #GOP #Politics #uspolitics #uspol #Trump #MAGA #BreakingNews #Breaking

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US to veto Palestinian request for full UN membership

The U.S. will use its veto power against a Palestinian bid to be recognized as a member state of the United Nations during a vote at the Security Council expected to take place Thursday evening.

Vedant Patel, principal deputy spokesperson for the State Department, described as premature an effort by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to gain member status at the U.N.

He said there was not unanimity among the Security Council’s 15 members that the Palestinian Authority had met the criteria for membership, with unresolved questions over the governance of the Gaza Strip, where Israel is in a war to defeat and eliminate the controlling power, .

Two state solution my ass!…

@palestine @israel

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‘‘‘Left’ and ‘right’ mean the same thing today that they’ve meant since the French Revolution. Ask someone, ‘What’s more important: property rights, or human rights?’ If they answer: ‘Property rights are human rights,’ they are on the right.’’

, quoted by Cory Doctorow

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A 36-year-old House Republican who has served in Congress just three years said Thursday he will not seek reelection in November.

Why it matters: Rep. Jake LaTurner's (R-Kan.) retirement is a stark addition to a trend of House members in both parties sprinting for the exits after a year filled with infighting
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #GOP #Politics #uspolitics #uspol

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The experience doesn't just stop at getting held hostage in a flat and begging a pensioner for the ransom money.

No, the drama is even more INTENSE.

"...In 2017, the Mirror reported [Menzies] had been quizzed by police over claims he got a dog drunk in 2015. He denied the allegation to the paper and said that he was cleared by police...."

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Probably won’t cover as extensively unless things get interesting, but #Trump’s #criminal #ElectionInterference / #HushMoney trial is back on today w/ continued #jury selection.

A #juror was quickly dismissed at the start. She was among the 7 already selected, she said she was very worried that despite the fact the court ruled to keep jurors’ name secret, she would still be exposed & targeted.


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“This case has nothing to do w/your personal , your feelings about a particular issue. It’s not a referendum on the presidency, a popularity contest … or any indication of who you plan to vote for” Steinglass said.
“This case is about whether this man broke the ,” he said, pointing at Trump. He asked one potential juror if he could do that

“I could be objective, no problem,” he replied.
When Steinglass said some witnesses have “baggage,” Trump shook his head.

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