Anon hears voices

>be me
>have freakout on antidepressant, go to psych hospital
>nurse asks if I hear voices
>say “yours” being a smart ass
>her eyes get big and she walks away
>weeks later reading medical records
>patient thinks he can read minds
>this fucking … seriously
>psychology was better when everyone was on cocaine talking about dicks


It’s funny when people censor a 4chan post. The act itself justified the existence.

ThatWeirdGuy1001, avatar

The removal of the word retard is the biggest transgression in this post and it’s retarded.

As someone who grew up being called retarded the censorship of the word retard is retarded.

ThatWeirdGuy1001, avatar

I mean at least I’m not one of those people who clutches my pearls cause I can’t say the n word anymore.

But as a retarded fag I’m saying both



Edit: this comedia does the same thing he’s like super ableist while being disabled and gay himself

He’s dead now unfortunately from last I heard…


The censors would go for dick and idiot next, so I’m standing by freedom to retard


I can’t remember his name, but there was an English criminal who pretended to be crazy to get put in a psych hospital, found out it was worse than prison, then had to stay there because the doctors wouldn’t believe that it was an act. Maybe a Brit can remember who he is/was.


Don’t know if it’s based on reality but this is the plot of ‘One Flew over Cuckoo’s Nest’


I’m not sure if you’re misremembering or not but I know that there was a case where a journalist successfully managed to get themselves committed so that they could write about the conditions within.

And it took them quite some time to get released because they’ve done such a good job of pretending to be crazy to get in.


If it’s the same one I’m thinking of, once he got out he raised an uproar over it because it was a clear sign people making decisions about who should be free or not in mental institutions weren’t as good at it as they claimed to be and they challenged him to send others and they’d catch them this time.

A while later, they said, “See? We caught 3 of your guys!” But they hadn’t sent any.


I’ve told a lot of patients “don’t make that joke to the doctor.” Also depending on the joke I write,“patient able to appropriately use humor to cope with the stresses of hospitalization” in my note to document for future reference that they’re a fucking smartass.


Having to behave around psychiatrists like one would around the fucking police is incredibly problematic. I can’t even express how secondhand-frustrated this post and your comment make me.

Psychiatrists are supposed to evaluate someone’s mental state, sometimes with full power over someone’s access to healthcare, freedom or (in some US states) life, and they can’t be trusted to recognize a joke when they hear one?


You still need to police your language, unfortunately. Talking about suicide to your therapist can get you arrested.

MantidSys, (edited )
MantidSys avatar

You have no idea. I'm terrified of psychiatrists similarly to how I'm terrified of cops. I am disabled due to various mental conditions, and all it takes for my life to end is a psychiatrist deciding I'm not disabled anymore. Oh, and I'm autistic, which means people think I'm constantly lying because of my shit social skills.

And I narrowly risked that recently - in an LGBT clinic, with an LGBT psychiatrist, I expressed concerns with how my mental conditions affect my perception of my own gender. This started an avalanche of being accused of emotionally manipulating the psychiatrist and having my medical record state that I'm likely lying about being autistic and trying to defraud social security.

If I didn't have a therapist that would lay their career down for me, I'd be screwed. In my situation, the only difference between a psychiatrist and a cop with a gun is the immediacy of the judgement.

Oh, and don't talk to self-professed doctors that work in psych wards, like the person you responded to. Almost all of them are run like prisons, but without any form of legal procedure before someone gets thrown in one. You have no idea how horrific they can be. No one with a conscience works in those places - they would quit, just like the supposed "good cops".


Holy shit with a few tweaks your story could be mine. Nice to see I’m not, although shit that this is more prevalent than I would’ve thought.

Similar situation with me.

Also, laughed way too hard at this meme.


Censoring the word retarded like this, is retarded


Looks like censors it.


Well that’s removed


Are they showing off? Or … Why are they posting that?

ThatWeirdGuy1001, avatar

It’s the same way with removed on

TonyTonyChopper, avatar

typical L


Of course they censored it. Can’t stand being reminded why they’re tankies.


This is hilarious, thanks for sharing lol


Lemmyml moment…


Seems very english-centered… are there no french speakers on lemmy ml?

Si je parle du retard qu’a eu mon train, je suis censuré ?


I get that some instances censor certain words, but would that also affect posts that are simply images that happen to show letters?


No, it’s not very sophisticated. Which is why it’s a stupid idea.

echodot, (edited )

I enjoy that they didn’t need to send to the word fucking but we can’t have the bad R word.


If it’s your home instance, it could be against community rules to post images with those words.


OP isn’t from .ml though, so that wouldn’t matter


Sounds like something a retard would say.


Only if you were retarded


Who would win, an army of “free speech enthusiasts” vs one squiggly boi?


Streisand effect is coming for your sensitivities.


Free speech enthusiasts literally cannot help but identify themselves. And that’s always worth a giggle.

Doll_Tow_Jet-ski avatar

The end was hilarious. Didn't see it coming


There was an end?

The line about cocaine is pretty lame as far as endings go

Doll_Tow_Jet-ski avatar

Its funny because it's true



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  • Scrappy,

    Found anon


    False, anon has proven he’s retarded, but not Gay… Yet.


    What is the censored word?


    Probably not dicks.




    Damn he didn’t know no need to call him a retard. ;)

    Deceptichum, avatar

    From the looks of the last 3 letters it ends in ard, and has three letters before those.




    Yeah, ret followed by ard. Just in case you’re still having trouble and your instance filters it.






    ▟ ▟ ▟ ▟ ▟ d


    You can swear on the internet you know, we’re okay with it.




    Why swear when not swearing is easier and more provocative?


    Because you are quoting something that has already been stated so you are censoring a quote. If you decide not to include expletives in your personal communications that’s fine, but censoring a quote is pointless.


    I’d agree if this were a work of literary note rather than a greentext openly posted to make fun of how excited people here are to use slurs.

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