garrettw87, (edited )
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@ernest Hi there, I just want to express my interest in helping out, as I am fortunately a PHP developer.

Areas where I can help the most:

  • Triaging issues and generally keeping the issues list tidy
  • Contributing to developer quality-of-life things, such as setup documentation and improving tooling configurations
  • Helping set up a (contributing guidelines)
  • Making UI/UX suggestions (as if we don't have enough of those already)
  • Once I get more familiar with the codebase:
    • Reviewing PRs
    • Working on code structure / SOLIDness / readability / etc.

Feel free to review my GitHub account if you like. I have a lot of unfinished projects there ;)

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@garrettw87 Hey, thank you! We are creating a small command center on Matrix. I want to better organize our work with the repository, and any help would definitely be appreciated.

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@ernest Looks like my first task is getting my own environment up and running, which will hopefully yield something worth contributing.

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