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m0bi13, Polish
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Od dzisiaj mamy na https://bin.pol.social dokładnie tę samą wersję oprogramowania /kbin co na flagowej instancji https://kbin.social

Ostatnie zmiany w projekcie @ernest możecie śledzić na tutaj:


A jest ich sporo 👍

Jeśli potrzebujecie wsparcia w korzystaniu z kbin albo macie do zgłoszenia błędy czy problemy, to niezmiennie zapraszam do pokoju na tutaj:


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Garść statystyk o popularności kbin.social:







Chyba nie pomylę się, jeśli stwierdzę, że to najbardziej udany polski projekt w ;)

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Z ciekawością sobie to zacznę przyswajać i używać

garrettw87, (edited )
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@ernest Hi there, I just want to express my interest in helping out, as I am fortunately a PHP developer.

Areas where I can help the most:

  • Triaging issues and generally keeping the issues list tidy
  • Contributing to developer quality-of-life things, such as setup documentation and improving tooling configurations
  • Helping set up a CONTRIBUTING.md (contributing guidelines)
  • Making UI/UX suggestions (as if we don't have enough of those already)
  • Once I get more familiar with the codebase:
    • Reviewing PRs
    • Working on code structure / SOLIDness / readability / etc.

Feel free to review my GitHub account if you like. I have a lot of unfinished projects there ;)

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@garrettw87 Hey, thank you! We are creating a small command center on Matrix. I want to better organize our work with the repository, and any help would definitely be appreciated.


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@ernest Looks like my first task is getting my own environment up and running, which will hopefully yield something worth contributing.

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Has anyone tried creating a KBIN server using the Docker instructions since Saturday? I got a development server running on Saturday and I decided to bring up a production ready version on Sunday, but now I'm running into two errors while creating it.


In these instructions:

$ sudo chown 82:82 public/media
$ sudo chown 82:82 var
$ cp .env.example .env

There is no directory "var" so the chown fails


When running docker compose build --pull --no-cache

It now fails with this:

=> [php app_php 20/21] RUN rm -Rf docker/ 0.2s
=> ERROR [php app_php 21/21] RUN set -eux; mkdir -p var/cache var/log; if [ -f composer.json ]; then composer dump-autoload --classmap-authoritative --no-dev; compose ...

This also seems to relate to the var directory, and so must be part of a recent change in the build that relates to the var directory.

Can anyone help?



Where do we find instructions on setting up a host to work with kbin?


NM I see anther post talking about it

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Wow, my first post on KBIN! Watch me screw it up somehow.

I'm going to try to bring up a KBIN server tomorrow (emphasize on "try"). I've somehow managed to get Mastodon, Calckey and Peerview servers going using just enough knowledge to be dangerous, and I've amazed myself.

The KBIN documentation for building a server is bare bones so I hope I can figure out what to do.

Has anyone stood up a KBIN server and do you have any tips, warnings, advice?


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@Jerry Hey, I'm working on a guide for admins, but it's been hard for me to focus on it in the past few days. A lot is happening ;) I'll try my best to make sure I update and verify the README.md by the end of today, which will describe the very basic steps to create your own instance. Actually, it's a piece of cake ;)

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@ernest Thank you! Would it be possible to add some information on using an S3 bucket for storage, if it's possible to do so?

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quick update

  • improved display of posts on the tag page
  • improved display of posts in the search page
  • improved display of posts with infinite scroll enabled
  • work in progress on the landing page: https://bit.ly/3OGpVN8 m/kbinDesign
  • initial changes to search results (postgres search)
  • navigation change in the mobile version
  • ability to enable hCaptcha in the registration form
  • some optimization work - added indexes, slight modifications to queries
  • updated list of blocked tracking attributes in added links
  • guide: Creating your own instance (ongoing)
  • code refactoring, repository preparation (ongoing)

https://kbin.pub - project page

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quick update

https://kbin.pub - project website

  • PWA support - the ability to pin it to the desktop
  • a lot of work on kbin.social, first moderation tasks
  • gradually moving and improving the guide to the wiki
  • initial preparations for a larger refactoring
  • translation fixes, now each additional language is just a YAML file
  • Dutch language (platform + project website) (@Vistaus)
  • shortcuts in the PWA application
  • content addition links within the magazine automatically set it in the form
  • form fields adjust to the length of the written post
  • new section in the admin panel - federation (instance banning)
  • Spanish language in progress
  • information about added duplications (dev)
  • filtering by selected languages (dev)


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@ernest the mobile app looks really good. From the video this looks like the iOS app, can we expect the Android app to look and function similarly? https://streamable.com/e/7dgitl

Thank you by the way for all the hard work 🙏

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can we expect the Android app to look and function similarly?

@JungleGeorge Sure, it will be pretty similar (Flutter multi-platform). Cheers!

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quick update


  • tests of queue configuration for different server parameters
  • fixed password reminder
  • over a hundred people registered on kbin.social
  • default theme (light/dark) defines system setting
  • improved federation with new version of Lemmy
  • improved server headers for static content
  • ability to set preferred homepage (all, subscriptions, favorites, moderated)
  • ability to disable federation and use local feed

I am starting to list issues here: https://codeberg.org/Kbin/kbin-core/issues

https://kbin.pub - project website
https://karab.in - Polish-lang instance

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