/kbin devlog

RTR#40 Further planning of the ActivityPub module, something is happening regarding mobile apps

Today marks the 40th day of the devlog, and the new federation module is expanding on the whiteboard. In Poland, the flu season is in full swing, and due to reasons beyond our control, we had to slightly postpone the launch of the API on kbin.social. Fortunately, @jwr1 reminded me that I had previously launched it on another...

RTR#38 User profile, tag and search page filters, API deployment progress

Today, we successfully addressed most of the recent issues on the instance. As the database continues to grow, proactive measures are essential to address and improve any weak points. The aggregate view introduced additional benefits, such as filters on the tag page and the search page, making implementation seamless through...

RTR#37 Fixing bugs and further optimization work, continued

Today, I addressed issues related to voting in the code. However, I'm currently facing infrastructure problems. Still, I'm doing everything I can to have all the changes deployed to the instance by the weekend. The federation stopped working for an hour today, but all actions were successfully restored from the queues. Over the...

RTR#35 User profile enhancements: sorting options, new date range filter, reputation points fix

Today, I made some updates to the user profile. I've introduced the capability to sort and filter content. Additionally, I've implemented a new feature allowing content filtering based on a specified date range, which is now operational across all views. While there isn't a dedicated button in the interface yet....

RTR#34 Paperwork matters and back to the whiteboard

Today, after the morning code cleanup, I took care of a few formalities that I need to handle before the end of the year. Tomorrow, I'll have to dedicate some more time to it. In addition to the daily dose of refactoring, I'll probably take a break from coding and focus on planning AP module on the board for tomorrow and the day...

RTR#32 Further refactoring, debugging voting errors

Today, I continue with code refactoring, getting closer to finishing the most tedious part. I've also improved tools to prevent spam on the instance, which will take effect in a few days, addressing the issue of overloading other instances that have been reported. After today's wave of spam, I've also started working on...

RTR#30 Monthly recap and planned next steps

Today, I added a box of related/random collections - I must admit that the ones you created are fantastic. Collection names can be repeated since they are user-assigned. I added the option to mark a collection as official - those with the highest number of followers in a given topic and with a specific name can be marked and...

RTR#29 Another boring update: Categories and bug fixes

Today, I wanted to introduce you to Categories - a new feature that is essentially a multi-mags view. A new tab will appear in the user panel where you can create categories (public or private) and then add magazines to them (local or remote). In the magazine listing, there will be another tab that will list public categories...

RTR#25 Further performance improvements (user page, tag page), marking new comments

Today, I worked on the user and tag pages to make them operate a bit faster and consume fewer hardware resources. Additionally, I implemented the first iteration of marking new comments in visited threads and posts. This is a test change and will be improved over the next few days. It's progressing a bit faster than I initially...

/kbin user settings panel

RTR#24 Setting up test environments for federation development, comment wrapping

Today, I began testing a new instance deployment process, which is an absolute must-have before the release. I also initiated preparations for new test environments that I will be using for developing the federation. The first iteration of comment wrapping has been introduced on the instance as well.

Comments wrapping on /kbin platform

RTR#23 Wrapping comments, hiding threads/posts, marking new comments in threads/posts, aggregate view

Today, I managed to implement the points I described in RTR#19, and most of the changes are already visible. The remaining ones will be pushed on Monday. Before the release, I'll try to address three more things from the title, which I started working on earlier and are lingering on local branches. I don't want to make any...

RTR#22 Further improvements interspersed with code refactoring

Today, I fixed some visual shortcomings. It is now possible to change images during post editing. The rules of the magazine have been included in the description on Fediverse to avoid misunderstandings with Lemmy users. Some changes are already on the instance, and the rest will be pushed by morning....

RTR#21 Sub channel filters, spoiler tag

Today, I added the subscription channel filtering option, allowing users to individually select content from subscribed users, magazines, and domains. This feature will be further improved over time. In addition to the sidebar, this option can also be changed in the user settings, which have also been slightly redesigned....

/kbin Sub Channel sidebar settings

RTR#20 Fix communication with the Threadiverse, new Support Us page

Today, I fixed the communication with Lemmy instances that partially stopped working two days ago - it was related to content from internal magazines. I slightly changed the priority for tomorrow's update - first, spoiler support and the ability to filter the /sub feed by magazines, users, or domains separately will be...

/kbin RTR#18 Platform optimization and internal API testing

Today marks the eighteenth day since returning to the project. During this time, I've managed to address critical areas that required optimization. This will be noticeable in the page loading speed and overall user experience. It's about halfway through my intended optimization efforts, but for now, I'm satisfied with the...

The effect of recent changes is visible on the chart

/kbin RTR#16 Update on kbin.social, performance improvements, considerations for enabling API

Today, with the assistance of @piotrsikora, we've updated kbin.social. I also implemented a few fixes that should improve the site's performance. I'm still waiting for a few metrics, and then I'll try to enable the API (Piotr will probably want to strangle me when he finds out I want to do it over the weekend ;-))...

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