Farewell League of Linux </3

Wine-GE-Proton8-26-LoL playable, but not a smooth experience

LoL is playable again with Wine-GE-Proton8-26-LoL on patch 13.24, but most of the time I experience some kind of visual stutter or sluggishness. I'm always at my 240fps cap with my 60Hz monitor, but it feels like 20-30fps for the most part, some moments are very smooth. I tried to switch borderless/fullscreen, lower graphics...

Holiday is coming up. We might not get a fix from riot for a while regarding PBE. If anyone has tested anything, please do share.

I've reinstalled, used both lutris-ge-lol-p8-12 and lutris-ge-lol-8.7.1. I've also given every file in my PBE wineprefix full permissions. My debug logs don't seem to give anything hugely useful on the lutris side. I have a memory dump provided by league of legends, but no idea on how to read it. I've also tried to use directx9...

Asking for help with performance (only fps related)

So today I tried league on linux( not for the first time) previously i had to switch nvidia drivers around until I found the one that gave me decent performance (around 144fps) but now i have a setup with dual gpu AMD 6600 and Nvidia 960gtx, and independently of my graphic settings i can't get above 96fps. Could I have to update...

Really frustrated about the state of this community at the moment

The mods permanently shut down the subreddit, and yet the new website hasn’t been pushed to in 3 months. I’m glad we can rebuild here, but so much important information is lost by closing the subreddit permanently and not offering an alternative. I and many others are trying to get LoL working via Lutris and the only...

Anyone successfully using gamescope to play?

So, I was trying to use gamescope to run the game. I wanted it to have a “dedicated window” as the game occasionally behaves weirdly when I move back and forth from desktops (using sway here). However, after activating gamescope on lutris, the league client never opens. I get the Riot Games window alright, but after clicking...

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