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The irony is that if they were merely antifascists that were dunking on racists and transphobes, a lot of people would genuinely appreciate them. The tankie brain-rot ruins that though.

PugJesus, (edited )
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"You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the fascists, not join them!"

Although, tbf, I think I'd still be somewhat annoyed at Hexbear style discourse even if it was oriented towards a good cause. Much less annoyed, of course, but "I know you are but what am I?", Sea Lioning, Gish Galloping, and images of pigs pooping on their own balls are not great for the tone of any community.


Let’s face it, these people are run-of-the mill internet trolls who are working with a politics angle. Their only cause is distruption of online communities for shits and giggles. Treat them like any other troll - block on user level, defederate on instance level.


Bro I had them call me a bigot because I dared to suggest trans people aren’t trans when they’ve finished transitioning. They’re just whatever gender they transitioned to. That and, oh god the horror, that trans people in sports is complicated for reasons.

That’s it. That makes me a bigot. Literally accepting them, accepting them makes you a bigot because it isn’t on their terms.

Delusional authists seem to think the world should bend over backwards for them. Surprise surprise, it doesn’t.


One called me an eugenicist because I don’t wear masks any more when I go to public places.

They claim we just don’t like having opinions challenged. No, I’m okay with new ideas, but when they come bundled in a sandwich of insults and mockery, the ideas lose their appeal. I don’t understand why the hexbears don’t get that. It’s always everyone else’s fault that no one wants to talk to them.


Who gives a shit?

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Man i wish I could clean my shirt with the ironing of this comment 🤣

Klear, (edited )

Liftoff says 131 replies but I only see less than a dozen. Feels good.


These are not intellectually serious people. They should not be treated as such.

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Love how hexbears are living free in your mind.

Death to landlords

goat, (edited )

Why are you repeating trump supporter slogans?

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goat, (edited )

“rent-free”, is a term that originated from Trump Supporters.

krolden, avatar

No it wasnt


Oh, I’m wrong! Thank you!

Want me to delete my comment or leave it up?

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Death to landlords

Aside from the tryhard edginess of it, is this supposed to be controversial?


I appreciate the fuck out of Hexbear. Over the past few years I’ve seen a massive ideological shift in a bunch of communities I use to enjoy. Like feminist communities shifted from egalitarian/humanist perspectives towards more bigioted attitudes, people stopped caring about confronting their own biases, and instead try to justify them, because “the patriarchy”. I’ve encountered these people in real life. I once got in an argument with another nonbinary with them telling me “You need to understand the world sees you as a white male”.

I see people getting called white supremace for calling out racism.

Sorry I know this is a ramble, still processing.

Anyways, now that I see the fingerprints of Marxism I can just call it out.


I think this is a side effect of social media algorithms as a whole. It pushes people into more extreme views of content/ideoligies that they already have, potentially pushing them to a point they wouldn’t have chosen.


Yeah, it’s hella dangerous


The thing is you use to see rebuttals, but now you don’t. I don’t really know, but I remember a massive shift when Trump began raising in popularity Reddit communities started to become a lot more insular. You’d get autobanned from communities if you posted in a subreddit with the wrong political affiliation.

And then just last year I was on my local subreddit, one user was just being blatant racist towards whites, another user posted “What happened to colourblindness”, I reported the first comment, the mods locked the second. So I asked what was up, and got told “colourblindness is white supremace rhetoric”, and they saw nothing wrong with the anti-white comment.

I think it’s not just the content that’s being curated, but our userbases.

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Lmfao. SJW is just as sensitive as apparently


Just be glad they’re staying on hexbear and not creating alts on other instances.


They have been doing that. Other threads on lemmy world have the nazis admitting to it.


They’re literally the opposite of nazis


Found an alt.


Check my post history idiot


They say Nazi when they mean authoritarian.


That’d be lemmygrad then that’d fit that

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What is with the overuse of the term Nazi? Nazi means a “national socialist”, an ideology that is, among other things, anti-communist.


They say Nazi when they mean authoritarian.

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Reading these comments that looks exactly like what they are doing.


Because they are


You have to appreciate the irony of forcing people to be communist, or else. Literally doing the thing they are denying.


That’s not ironic. They’re authoritarians. I very much doubt that they’re against forcing people to be collectivists.


They are all mentally unwell. So sick of seeing their shit. Literally no different than the ultra MAGA crowd just the opposite end of the spectrum. Insane people congregating sharing insane beliefs.

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That’s the political spectrum …I used to see it as a line with left on one side and right on the other. After reading and leaving a whole bunch in my own, I now see it as a circle where we all try to basics ourselves and our ideas at the top centre, if we drift too far left or too far right, we’ll slide down and eventually meet our political opposite at the bottom where everyone acts the same anyway.


That’s called the “horseshoe theory” I believe. Some scholars/academics dispute its validity. I don’t feel myself qualified to have a strong opinion about it either way.


We should have a spectrum based on how far they are from agreeing with the human rights charter.


What you are describing is known as the “horseshoe theory” and is widely rejected by political science.

The actual way to portray such things is a political spectrum, but with 2 or more axes, also known as a “political compass”.


and all are cringe.

true political science is that views can’t be blanketed into red or blue

Gsus4, avatar

I like the political compass as a tool for mapping politics beyond left-right (with more dimensions it’s even better, but sparsely populated, which indicates that it is missing some symmetries of politics), but it fails to grasp how politics is not as much a spectrum as it is a tree of ideas that mate with each other and evolve, diverge according to circumstances.

You wouldn’t say that there is a spectrum between a shark and a dolphin, but they share a common ancestor and have similarities driven by their environment.

It’s this nuance of accumulated history that the political compass can oversimplify as a snapshot for people without the time to waste studying political history.


Well yes, but it was never the goal of the political compass to portray the history of beliefs. It is just a way to visualize the current alignment.

Gsus4, avatar

Yes, but that’s what I’m saying. Positional closeness sometimes hides a lot of foundational differences and creates the illusion that there is a continuous path between any two points. Eg between tankies and nazis :)


Tankies and Nazis would be both on the outer end of the authoritarian axis, but on completely different ends of the economic axis. If you take 3, 4 or even more dimensions there will barely be any positional closeness left. You can visualize every form of difference in the form of an additional dimension.

I am not advocating specifically for a 2 axis political spectrum. My original comment was just pointing out that the horseshoe theory is bullshit.

Gsus4, (edited ) avatar

They are not on opposite ends. Nazis were not laissez-faire, protectionist actually: On the economic axis they were close to the middle.

Plus I’m not saying they are that close, I’m saying that the line you can draw between them can not be followed continuously, you probably need to take a few loops around other systems like Weimar liberalism, Italian Socialism and feudal Czarism or Marxism to go from one to the other.

I just gave that example because it looks like convergent evolution shaped by similar circumstances despite completely opposite origins.


I think that is where our differences in thinking are:

I was thinking about modern nazis, which are way more laissez-faire than the “original” (at least where I live). At the same time I would argue it is not very important how a belief evolved if you are talking e.g. current party programs or policy. Sure it can be important for research, but it is only of secondary importance for “applied politics” if the result at the end is the same.


As a leftist, we don’t claim these people. Their views are left-coded but inherently antithetical to leftist values. Marxism-Leninism is an attempt (and quite a successful one) to appease revolutionary sentiment by embracing the aesthetics of the left but wrapping it in an authoritarian state. It’s similar to how the nazis called themselves socialists to leech off the socialist sentiment in Germany at the time. These dopes like leftist aesthetics but completely miss the mark on any leftist policy.

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How is this instance not just lemmy grad they believe the same things and act the same.

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  • lemmygrad: Genocide denial
  • hexbear: Genocide denial, but in vaporwave

Honestly I’m pretty sure the coup part happened on reddit. I feel like I witnessed multiple subs get taken over by tankies.

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ToiletPaperUSA almost got couped. Like, in a nearly literal sense. One of the mods expelled like half of the other mods for the crime of not being tankies and started censoring anti-China posts.

Astroturfed, (edited )

It’s weird how they can’t seem to realize they’re literally, exactly the same as trumpers. They’re just tanky Qanon. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad.


They are beyond delusional.


I’m fairly certain most of them are trumpers. They’re far right 4chan trolls roleplaying as what they think leftists sound like (and they’re really not very good at it), possibly for laughs, possibly to make leftists sound bad, probably both. And some of them are Chinese and / or Russian shill bots.


No, they are just leftist


Eh, I think you’re making it too complicated. The simplest explanation is normally true. They’re just brainwashed low intelligence goons forming a groupthink echo chamber. Instead of blaming brown people and “libruls” they blame capitalists, liberals etc.


They’re just brainwashed low intelligence goons forming a groupthink echo chamber.

That’s what leftzero said.


My political alignment is anti-communism, they are going to have a difficult time if they try to radicalize here.


I align somewhere near communism/socialism/anarchism. They are so fucking stupid though. They will argue that a political class taking all control is good for the working class. The goal of communism is to transfer control to the working class, though there is an argument to be made the methods of getting there require some form of government control first. They don’t care that things in China are being consolidated still. They’re authoritarian first, not communist.


What country are you from?


Does it matter?


Can we not assume that every question asked on Lemmy is hostile? I don’t see what’s wrong with that comment. Besides, I don’t think @goat is pro-hexbear anyway.


I’m pro-federation. but i’m also a masochist.


oh oops, i replied to the wrong comment!


Why does this comment have 10 downvotes? Seems like a genuine, well-intentioned question to me.


Because it’s irrelevant what country they’re from. An argument should stand or fall on its own merits, not on the basis of who makes it. In that sense the question isn’t an intellectually serious one. People can sense that even if they don’t necessarily articulate it, hence the downvotes.

krolden, avatar

Because most the people in this thread are just here yo flex hate on anything they consider anti american without actually engaging in actual discussion.

You know, like the discussion that happens on hexbear that is constantly met with ‘fuck you tankie’.


You clearly haven’t been in this community for very long.

I’ve yet to see any dissent or speech that suggests against communism in Hexbear. If you see any, feel free to link it.

krolden, avatar



If you see someone talking against communsim in Hexbear, or Lemmygrad, or any other extremist community, feel free to link it.

krolden, avatar



Even the title Tankie is too undeserving of them, they don’t care aboutbany of that shit. They are authoritarian bootllickers and that is all.

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