Custom monitor wall mount (lemm.ee)

This is a custom wall mount for my 2nd screen Dell P2417H (simmilar models with same stand will fit as well). It’s a 24" monitor with pivot stand (can adjust up/down, portrait/landscape and tilt), but it doesnt suppport vesa mount (edit: this is wrong, it does support vesa, but then cant use pivot mechanism). I wanted it on...

Table lamp (lemm.ee)

First time I printed something made in FreeCAD. It’s a table lamp for our balcony, more like a mood light than a real lamp hehe. Its made from 3 parts (base, tube and a hat). Base and tube are CA glued and I used some insulating tape to fit a hat tightly. The lamp is about 240 mm tall and its powered from 9V battery. Battery...

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