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Interested in Linux, FOSS, data storage systems, unfucking our society and a bit of gaming.

Nixpkgs committer.

reddit.com/u/Atemu12 (Probably won’t be active much anymore.)

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Nothing I host is internet-accessible. Everything is accessible to me via Tailscale though.

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I use an Intel SBC with 10W TDP CPU in it. With a HDD and after PSU inefficiency, it draws about 10-20W depending on the load.

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That’s impressive.

Yeah, you really don’t need a lot of CPU power for selfhosting.

It’s a J4105, forgot to mention that.

What do you use the system for? And services like PiHole or media server?

Oh, sorry, forgot to add that bit.

It’s mainly a NAS housing my git-annex repos that I access via SSH.

I also host a few HTTP services on it:


The services I use most here are Paperless and Piped.

Mealie will be added to that list as soon as the upstream PR lands which might be later this evening.

My Immich module is almost ready to go but the Immich app has a major bug preventing me from using it properly, so that’s on hold for now.

I do want to set up Jellyfin in the not too distant future. The machine should handle that just fine with its iGPU as Intel’s Quicksync is quite good and I probably won’t even need transcoding for most cases either.

I probably won’t be able to get around setting up Nextcloud for much longer. I haven’t looked into it much but I already know it’s a beast. What I primarily want from it is calendar and contact synchronisation but I’d also like to have the ability to share files or documents with mere mortals such as my SO or family.
The NixOS module hopefully abstracts away most of the complexity here but still…

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My setup already goes quite a bit beyond basic file hosting.

There is no self hosted service I could imagine to need that I’d expect not to be able to host due to CPU constraints. I think I’ll run into RAM constraints first; it’s already at 3GiB after boot.

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Pretty sure GrapheneOS isn’t. Though I would expect most “tinker ROMs” to be userdebug though.

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Have they finally changed their mind?

Yes. review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/…/faq.md

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I don’t know but the nature of the patches shifted over time. I believe initially, they allowed any app (or any system app?) to spoof signatures which I’d also agree to not allow. The current patches only allow it for the Google Play services and Play Store which is a much smaller attack surface.

Spacebar up/down swipes still change line

I am in love with thumbkey rn but my only grievance is that when I accidently swipe up on the space key it moves my cursor up a line and messes up my whole flow. I thought I saw that this function was removed in a previous version but my app is up to date and it still happens. Is there a secret setting I can’t find?

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Under the GDPR, they have the right to delete their name and other personal data from the database, not their content.

Some exceptions apply such as if they wrote their name or other personal details into their comment. Those parts would be covered by the GDRP but that’s indeed exceptional, not the norm.

The comments we write here are “only” protected by copyright.
How exactly that manifests? Who knows. It’s the same as IRC logs or mailing lists archives. A quick not at all exchaustive search revealed no relevant legal cases.

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Should be rather simple actually. You’d need a slightly modified version of Lemmy which simply ignores federated deletions.

Beyond that, you’d have to Index the fediverse somehow. This could probably be achieved by subscribing to all relevant communities. There’s ready made bots for that I believe for the purposes of populating small instances with content.

The legal side of that is questionable at best though, just like removedit. Slightly less I’d say since re-hosting content here is generally allowed which was certainly not the case with Reddit.

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The regular FOSS Intellij Idea is the premier Kotlin IDE and can do Android too. Though Google is usually a slog to throw their AGP integration code over the fence which sucks because projects sometimes upgrade their AGP quite aggressively.

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WDYM by “directory it drops down into”? nix develop stays in your current working directory.

If I wanted to clean up state, I’d create a clean task in the build system or build a clean script that I’d wire up to the flake outputs such that you could run nix run .#clean.

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Could you leave journalctl -f running while Firefox is starting? Anything interesting happening right after initiating the start and/or before it actually starts?

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I do servicename@firstname.surna.me, carreer@firstname.surna.me etc.

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It implies that it’s based on WINE 9.0 and its feature/bug set.

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Updated file distribution method to save disk space.

Does this mean it’s using reflinks now?

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Don’t re-encode lossy formats.

What do you mean by “save” as in “copy the file to the encrypted container” or “open the file in a picture editor and saving it”? The former won’t re-encode, the latter likely will.

Renaming a file won’t change its content and therefore won’t change its format.

If the pictures are important to you, make sure they’re backed up appropriately. For even remotely critical data, the rule of thumb is 3 copies across two different mediums with at least one copy at a different location.

Re-encoding MP3s will also degrade quality. Storing them in a ZIP file won’t re-encode them though.
Transcoding an MP3 to m4a will degrade its quality too. The opposite is also true; if you’re downloading music from Youtube for instance (M4A, OGG), don’t convert it to MP3.

The discriminator here is whether lossy compression is applied which is distinct from lossless compression. As the name implies, it loses information in the process.
JPG, MP3, M4A, OGG and many other common formats use lossy compression.
ZIP and PNG use lossless compression; files added to a ZIP file can always be turned to the exact same files again from an encoding standpoint.

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Might be the included bag, different saddle and S handle bar not being an option with the lower. Probably the latter since it’s “from” and handle bar is about the only thing you can customise at checkout.

Also: Since when does the Explore no longer come with dynamo light and luggage rack? Those are quite important features for me, so I’d recommend spending a few more minutes and a few hundred quid into getting them.

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Yeah, I was expecting something like “Yeah, this is an issue, we know. It’s that way because we had to make a trade-off to enable …” but it was mostly just lame excuses or just talking about something entirely unrelated to the point being made.

Like the thickness of the device and bezels. Just accept it, the FP is thicc. It’s a conscious trade-off you made. Be open about it. Don’t whine about measuring with the camera bump included (if anything, measuring from the bump gives the FP an advantage since its bump isn’t as thic as others?). If the bezels are a little thicker than the competition, just state why that is (i.e. to make it easier to replace).

Had to stop watching after that or I would have died of cringe.

Reddit: 'We Are in the Early Stages of Monetizing Our User Base' (www.404media.co)

Reddit said in a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission that its users’ posts are “a valuable source of conversation data and knowledge” that has been and will continue to be an important mechanism for training AI and large language models. The filing also states that the company believes “we are in the early...

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The GDRP explicitly only applies to "personal data"

  1. This Regulation lays down rules relating to the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and rules relating to the free movement of personal data.

which it defines as follows:

‘personal data’ means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person

Please provide a quote where the GDPR says that it applies to anything but “personal data”.

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Correct. That’s the currently maintained paperless project.

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I for one am still waiting for paperless-ngnxn2-next-3.0_hypr.

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