Galactic Hub, by the Numbers: A Review of the Largest Civilization in NMS. Join today!

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  • 🎃👻🪦MISKATONIC CITY🪦👻🎃, a first-of-its-kind NMS-RPG with 26 unique NPCs and over 500 lines of original dialogue. Halloween themed prizes, including spooky companion eggs, are only available through October 31st!

#The Galactic Hub Project

Largest & Oldest Active Civilization

11,000+ Player Bases, 75,000+ Subreddit Subscribers, 12,000+ Discord Members

The Galactic Hub Project (r/NMSGalacticHub), founded October 2016, is Euclid’s multiplayer hotspot. With a greater concentration of players than anywhere else in No Man’s Sky, there’s no better location to experience Civilized Space gameplay!

A few of our features include:

  • Chapters - The Galactic Hub has a variety of sub-organizations called Chapters, like the GH Exobiology Corps (focused on fauna), the GH Defense Force (focused on defense & combating griefers), the GH Star League (focused on hosting multiplayer “simulation sports” competitions), & more!
  • Colonies - In the Hub, colonies are communities of multiple players collaborating in some way. This always includes building bases, which are often built under the same theme. Colonies may be as big as a whole system, or as small as a single trade post. The most active colonies are managed by Governors. Governors are interlopers who volunteer to run a colony. A governor’s main focus is keeping their colony active - this often involves writing missions or hosting events for their colonists. Some colonies even have Mayors, which manage even smaller communities known as Territories within a Colony. Anyone may set up their own colony in Hub space and act as a Governor!
  • Multiplayer Events - From laid-back Social Nights to the NMS take on eSports Star League, the Galactic Hub has multiplayer social events nearly every week - sometimes multiple each week. Come meet your neighbors!
  • Economy - The GH has its own native currency, HubCoin. It is rewarded exclusively for activity representing the Galactic Hub on various platforms (Reddit, Discord, Wiki, YouTube). HubCoin is never available for sale for dollars, pounds, etc - “real world money” is never required or involved. HubCoin is used to facilitate a metagame economy. For example, to earn coin, players can open their own Businesses with in-game locations in Hub space. To spend coin, players might browse our Discord server’s Marketplace and buy goods like custom ships, custom companions, services-of-convenience (ie construction materials), or even 100%-free real-world Hub merch. (Real-world merch availability may vary.)
  • Canonization - Hello Games was kind enough to canonize the Galactic Hub. In other words, we’re official in-game content! The “Pilgrim” title can only be unlocked by visiting our old capital planet, New Lennon. Our emblem can be purchased at the QuickSilver store as a base decal or player banner. We’re also referenced in the Mission Board and the dialogue of a Traveller, as well as being referenced in the Waking Titan ARG!

That’s just a quick look at some of our features. We also have interactions with other civilizations, we’re a founding member of the United Federation of Travelers, and much more - but above all else, what really defines the Galactic Hub is our thriving and friendly community. Join us and find your new home in the stars!


I built a base on one of the planets, now to check out the rest…


Welcome to the Galactic Hub, interloper! There are a lot of planets to check out lol. Be sure to join the Discord too, if you want to get involved with the community.


This sounds neat but the thing I always get hung up on is HubCoin. I don’t want to support cryptocurrency in any form, regardless of whether or not it can be exchanged for real money.


From the looks of it it seems to be as much of a currency as wow-gold. Except wow-gold can be exchanged for actually money


Pretty much. It uses cryptocurrency infrastructure - and I don’t really understand why anyone would be opposed to the tech in and of itself. It’s useful tech, as demonstrated by us using it lol. But it’ll never be exchangeable for real money, and anyone attempting to do so will be banned. And, because of the underlying tech, it’s very easy to monitor everyone’s transactions to insure that.

As for environmental concerns, the testnet (monopoly money area of crypto) runs on Proof of Authority. Which is sort of how most programs work: you confer with a server that says, “Yep, that’s a real and valid action.” It’s not like Bitcoin where people are competing using energy-intensive computing to solve numerical problems to support the network and blah blah. Interacting with HubCoin should use less electricity than streaming media or playing video games, I would think, especially since each interaction only takes a minute or two.

But it’s also optional. You can be a part of the Galactic Hub without using HubCoin. And if even that is uncomfortable for you, certainly no one is compelled to join.


so is nms an mmo?


Probably what people would call an “MMO-lite”. Everything is instanced for 1-4-32 players depending on the activity. There are dungeon crawls you can do for really useful loot that do facilitate multiplayer, and the Expeditions and probably civilised space tend to be really populated. I can’t speak for Euclid because I’m off in Budullangr.

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