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Share your Cell Lab creations. Think Spore cell stage, but much more advanced. (www.cell-lab.net)

This is a niche game for people with an interest in biology, about multicellular evolution that is unlike anything else out there. I am looking for other people to share creations with and maybe even have them face off in an environment together. It runs on an older version of Android but I use the BlueStacks emulator to play on...

Dragon's Dogma 2 is an object lesson in how system requirements pages are failing PC gamers (www.pcgamer.com)

There have been some major PC games released these past couple of months. In February, we got Helldivers 2, Pacific Drive, and Sons of the Forestcame out of Early Access. This month, it’s been Dragon’s Dogma 2 and the PC-port of Horizon Forbidden West that have garnered all the headlines. They’re as varied as you can get,...

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