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Hey I finally started a list! I wrote up a whole post as well. (The post has mini-reviews and links to all of them.)

  • A Hat on Time
  • Barp the Balldragon
  • Captain Neat-O in the Time Nexus
  • Feed The Ducks
  • ISOL8: Build & Isolate
  • Murder, Death, Chill
  • Upward
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I just got into PICO-8 (running it on my Anbernic RG35XX) and hopefully I'll have a list of favorites to share soon!


Do you have a guide for how you did this?

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I installed GarlicOS on the Anberic RG35XX and it's pretty much built-in. (It's using fake-08 to run things as there is not an official PICO-8 engine for the processor used in the RG35XX.)



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Was just about to make a community here but guess I don't have to lol.

Pico 8 is basically a "fantasy console", definition is tough to define but its basically its own micro console but not tied to any physical hardware, tho people have made those with raspberry pi's

As for recommendations, this video by Superclass gives good examples Here

But a few I can give is

  • Celeste Classic
  • Birds with Guns
  • Dank Tomb
  • Poom, a Doom demake
  • the Cat Doctor, a small puzzle game (note that this is a commercial game so gotta pay for that)
  • Alfonzo's Bowling challenge

Among many others. All the free ones are browsable in the BBS as well as using Splore in the program itself.

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