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Biden Campaign Memo Claims Florida Is “Winnable” Though Polls Say Otherwise (truthout.org)

Despite some tough odds pitted against them, the campaign team for President Joe Biden believes they can “flip” Florida to his win column in the 2024 presidential election, due to a number of issues they think will resonate with voters in that state, particularly abortion rights....

The Anti-Palestinian Lobby Is Also a Corporate Lobby (jacobin.com)

T | he pro-Israel spending splurge aimed at unseating the socialist and progressive insurgents who have won office over the past decade is, of course, first and foremost about punishing dissent on US support for Israeli apartheid. But on another level, it’s also a campaign to unseat those lawmakers whose economic vision...

A moral crossroads for the West (canadiandimension.com)

If Netanyahu is facing his Rubicon, the West has finally arrived at its own moral crossroads. After months of uncritical support for Israel’s assault on Gaza and weeks of equivocation as the magnitude of its inhumanity has become undeniable, there is still time to draw back from the abyss and defend the post-war order whose...


The TV channel “Russia,” on the initiative of N. S. Mikhalkov, is showing a project called “the main elections.” I don’t quite understand these elections. They show on the screen 12 people who, according to the project leaders, have glorified Russia the most with their deeds, and whose name will be identical to the...

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