queer culture

new queer run community blog (daxayoni.blog)

hey everyone on the interweb, firstly, sorry for the broken english, it is not my first language. i'm writing this from calcutta, india. my chosen family and I have decided to start a decentralised blog using writefreely. The above link is for the same. we want to build awareness about privacy issues and being safe on the...

Mean Ghouls: When Does Queer Horror Get To Sit At The Table? (horrorpress.com)

The intersection of queerness and horror has been fervently dissected these last few years, and now the junction feels more like dated gospel than innovative speculation. The “why’s” may range from otherness to villain empathy, but it is, without a doubt, a genre that resonates with us. Today, the horror genre remains a...

Marriage equality legalised in Estonia (www.aldeparty.eu)

On Tuesday 20 June, the Estonian Parliament reached a historic decision to legalise same-sex marriage by adopting amendments to the Family Law Act. The new law, tabled by the coalition government led by Prime Minister Kaja Kallas of ALDE Party member Reformierakond, was adopted with a majority of 55 votes in favour....

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