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The LGBTQ+ tennis players smashing down barriers at the French Open 2024


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Looking for a trans inclusive book, film or TV programme? Have a look at TransActual's entertainment library for recommendations. If you don't see something you think we should add, let us know down in the comments!

Type in or go to the link in our bio and find it in the 'new from TransActual' section.

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Declaring a "Freedom Summer" in the same breath as laying out what colors are and are not acceptable for illuminating bridges is so stupidly Orwellian it would be cringey in Orwell fan fiction.

Is the pretext we're supposed to assume that had previously been living under the non-freedom yoke of rainbows?

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How Nintendo and its die-hard fans changed the game for LGBTQ+ representation

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How Nintendo and its die-hard fans changed the game for LGBTQ+ representation

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gratefuldread, to LGBTQ avatar
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If you are just coming out, know that it takes time. You don't have to do everything in the first week or even year. Take your time.

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Remembering the legacy of Harvey Milk, the gay pioneer who tragically became a martyr


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"More training is needed for frontline NHS staff, I feel like the trans community is often required to educate the people who are gatekeeping their access to the services they need. The waiting times are maddening! Three years or more of waiting is is not acceptable, especially when gender dysphoria is your daily companion." Liv

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In less than 1 months, without to much promotion or professional photos I've been able to get $22.36 or £17.59. It may not be a lot but I am proud of myself for finally finding something I can earn money from.

Link in my Bio to the other site :3

#Model #TransModel #Trans #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Battlepass

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+ in await another to an in & a proposed one in , Western donors are urged to increase for the movement, develop more effective narratives to support rights in the & counter Western influence.

The bill LGBTQ+ sexual activity, prescribing prison sentences ranging from 6 months to 3 yrs for engaging in such acts.

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🎧 Mood.

A rare TV performance from (probably) the mid/late 80s, and she's Country!

"Don't Be A Lemming Polka"



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LGBTQ Nation: Ten Argentinian police officers have been arrested and charged with the murder of a trans woman who was found strangled to death in a jail cell.


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gratefuldread, to LGBTQ avatar
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A Trump-appointed judge is threatening to jail LGBTQ rights attorneys.

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I have a dear friend here in the US who needs to crowdfund for their top surgery by end of July.

Are there any nonprofits that facilitate such a thing? Or is GoFundMe really the thing to do? Any other questions I should be asking?

Grateful for all thoughts & input from folks with experience :heart_trans:

Boost, plz! :boost_rainbow:

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"Lola" is a 1970 song by the English rock band the Kinks

It details a romantic encounter between a young man and a possible crossdresser or whom he meets in a club
He is confused towards Lola, yet he remains infatuated with her

"Lola" was a top ten hit in the UK and the US and called "the first significantly blatant gay-rock ballad"

Remarkable that this song came out in 1970, when people were discriminated and criminalised

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Welcome to #TransTuesday!

It’s time for this installment of Tillyvision to come to a close, as we wrap up:


Self-actualization is at hand! Things are gonna get emo.

It's time to transition.

#trans #transgender #queer #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqia2s #lgbtqiaplus

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Hey everyone! I need urgent help! I live in a neglectful house and my mom and family are transphobic and neglectful. I am poor and disabled and dont have money to afford basic necessities, i need money urgently to afford to live. I have ADHD and potential OCD. I am unable to get a job and i need money to afford to transition as well as afford new glasses and other things like medical treatment. Please help me urgently! I need the money!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!

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hey everyone! i need URGENT help! i live in a neglectful and transphobic household, my mom doesnt take good care of me at all and basically neglects me, she has always been neglectful my whole life, she is also very transphobic and doesnt support my identity. The rest of the people in the house are also very transphobic and neglectful and refuse to help me with basic things or lend basic things like cookware to me for use to cook food, im also very poor and do not have any income or any way to get money other than donations. I need urgent funds to afford basic things like food, a bike, hrt, glasses, etc.

I need urgent help, i do not have enough to afford the things i need to survive, please donate so i afford basic necessities to survive so i can eventually leave this house to live somewhere more safe, it's very urgent and important. Please help me, it's very urgent and important. Please donate as much as you can and share with as many people as possible. Any donation amount helps me a great deal. Please help me and thank you for reading.

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