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On this day in 1949, the Dutch gave sovereignty to Indonesia at the end of the Indonesian National Revolution (

The Indonesian National Revolution,[nb 1] also known as the Indonesian War of Independence, was an armed conflict and diplomatic struggle between the Republic of Indonesia and the Dutch Empire and an internal social revolution during postwar and postcolonial Indonesia. It took place between Indonesia’s declaration of...

Darius McCollum, one of the many times he was caught impersonating a transit worker (

TIL about Darius McCollum, a man who was arrested 32 times for impersonating a transit worker. He commandeered hundreds of buses and subway trains over the course of 30 years, staying on route and schedule without being paid. He attended Union meetings, even though he wasn’t a member....

Bank of Australia robbery 1828 by William Blacksock, George Furrell, James Dingle, John Woolford, and Velveteen Rourke (

On 14 September 1828 a gang of five robbers—William Blackstone, George Farrell, James Dingle, John Wilford (alias “Creighton”) and Valentine Rourke—tunnelled through a sewage drain into the vault of the Bank of Australia in George Street, Sydney, and stole some £14,000 in promissory notes and coins...

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