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📍Vancouver, BC

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“Good lord Aurora Borealis!”

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Subscribed to yours!

I like old music, but I also want to discover new music and smaller artists. I’ll try to post more of what I want to see and see where it goes

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Ideally it would give public links too, such as Youtube

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This looks good, thank you. I will give it a try!

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I enjoyed it! I got spoiled from reading a news article, but only for the first half of the show.

It was a cool concept and it did some new things. The plot felt a bit like a YA novel though

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R&B, Soul


Vancouver-based R&B singer, NIKKAELA, emerged onto the music scene with her unique sound and heartfelt lyrics. She is a muse in the development of Vancouver’s thriving arts culture.

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Whipped Cream - The Dark

Caroline Cecil, known professionally as WHIPPED CREAM, is a Canadian DJ and record producer based on Vancouver Island.

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EDM / Punk

Rezz - Signal

Rezz - Suffer in Silence

Isabelle Rezazadeh, known by her stage name Rezz, is a Canadian DJ and record producer from Niagara Falls, Ontario.

With that I got to April 24th, off to bed

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