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Evening Jam 11 - First Jam with the Exquis - #dawless - C.Tracks, Roland S1, Exquis,Zebralette3 - YouTube (

This was a really fun setup. I just recently got the Intuitive Instruments Exquis and this is my first real Jam with it. The expressiveness of the Exquis combined with the nice flow working with the Circuit tracks made this setup very fun to work with.

Yamaha SY77 split voices: Sustain-pedal to affect only one Element?

As the title says, I am new to the Yamaha SY77, and I’m making a split voice with piano on the left and sax on the right, and I want the sustain footswitch only to affect the piano. (How) can this be done? It was trivial on the DX7 II-D with a Split-mode Performance, but I can’t seem to find a setting on the SY77....

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