Eww fuck no.


Please don’t, I forsee much swearing by people accidentally pressing it and having some asshole clippy wannabe asking how he can help and interrupting workflow.

Somewhereunknown7351 avatar

And then if your under 13 you can’t use it!

@southsamurai@sh.itjust.works avatar

Jfc, that is the dumbest fucking thing they’ve done in the… okay, it isn’t all that bad on the scale of dumb they strive for. But it is pretty fucking dumb when anyone that wanted a one key access could just assign it to a key.

awwwyissss, (edited )

Cool, now just ranram it down our throats, it’ll be even more loved than Bixby.

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@awwwyissss what’s Bixby?


It’s Samsung’s equivalent of Siri or Cortana. They use dark patterns to try to make people use it, and also included a dedicated button to it on some of their phones.



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