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The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: Technosignature Search of 97 Nearby Galaxies (

The Breakthrough Listen search for intelligent life is, to date, the most extensive technosignature search of nearby celestial objects. We present a radio technosignature search of the centers of 97 nearby galaxies, observed by Breakthrough Listen at the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope. We performed a narrowband Doppler...

23andMe hackers accessed ancestry information on millions of customers using a feature that matches relatives (

Biotech company 23andMe first disclosed a data breach affecting a portion of its customers back in October. The information was obtained in a credential stuffing attack. An SEC filing now reveals roughly 14,000 accounts were accessed, along with information on millions of users participating in the DNA Relatives feature.

Anthrobots: Tiny biological robots from human cells (

The multicellular bots move around and help heal “wounds” created in cultured neurons. Scientists at Tufts and Harvard made tiny biological robots called Anthrobots using human tracheal cells. These tiny robots move and, in the lab, help neurons grow in damaged areas. The researchers hope to use similar biobots made from...

[Work In Progress]: Vosh - a third-party screen-reader for the Macintosh | AppleVis (

After getting fed up with the general neglect of MacOS accessibility from Apple, and having wanted to work on something meaningful for quite some time, I decided to attempt something that for some reason nobody seems to have tried to do before: write a completely new screen-reader for that platform. This isn't an easy task, not...

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