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People in general are idiots. People in large groups are even bigger idiots. Most organized groups of people are assholes.

However, individuals can be quite lovely. Or they can be like the above listing; idiots and/or assholes. Individually, I don’t mind the risk of running into the unpleasant ones too much. There’s always the chance that I’ll run into the pleasant ones, so I don’t automatically avoid individuals.

But groups? Fuck that shit, not without multiple weapons on me and a clear escape route. Even online, once got get groups going, the tide shifts to idiotic assholery at quantum speeds. It takes effort to not do it, and most people are too damn lazy to be decent online.

What’s funny? People irl fucking like me. I’m chill on the surface, I’m friendly and polite. I’m outright fucking charming. But that comes along with the assholes and idiots (or idiotic assholes) thinking that I’m the same kind of person they are, and showing their real self.

And that’s even with the fact that I don’t shake hands, and enforce a personal space of about four feet, just beyond arm’s reach unless I have no other choice. Assertively enforced at that. I’ll calmly and politely state that I prefer strangers stay far enough away that they can’t touch me, nor I them. And they fucking like that! The few that take it as a joke and decide to press it get stopped gently, and told that I’ll have to assume they mean me harm if they don’t stop. And they like that!

It’s fucking crazy.

I’m not saying everyone always likes me, but it’s a rare thing when I don’t end up listening to people I just met, often until I have to assert the fact that I need to leave because my body can’t handle it.

I don’t mind that, it just always surprises me how willing people are to show their ugliest sides so often. Like, the decent people, you expect because people tend to want to be liked. But the casual racism is so fucking common. The political rants that turn into literal spit flying from mouths.

People are fucking idiots and/or assholes. But it is just so damn rewarding when you find the ones that aren’t, or at least try not to be. When you find those people, you fucking cherish it.

So, in general, I don’t like people, no.

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Well, I actually know a few people irl that have an opinion that rather intrigued me. Now, disclaimer, I’m a white boy, and can’t claim to understand the full complexity of the labels and identities involved here. I’m just repeating what I heard during a long conversation about this subject. And, not everyone there at the time agreed.

That being said, the opinion that was discussed was that latino/a is a cultural descriptor rather than an ethnicity. In other words, you’re Latino if you are from that culture, and embrace it. Otherwise, you’d be “Hispanic”, or of a specific nationality/ethnicity as applies.

The counter argument to that was that it only mattered if you live outside of Latin America. Which, the group said included everything from Mexico down through south America, plus some islands, and excluding Brazil. Which was party a joke, but not fully a joke. That group leaned towards the Latino culture being partially defined by language as much as anything else, which meant that indigenous peoples wouldn’t be Latino by default, no matter where they lived.

Again, this is just something I ended up listening to and asking a few questions about, it isn’t my own opinions.

But, if that group can be taken as a basis for a useful idea, then you would be able to reject the label of Latino because it only applies if you embrace the culture associated with Spanish speaking peoples in the Americas as a whole (as opposed to regional or national cultural identities).

As far as ancestry goes, it’s pretty common to refer to it as a form of self labeling, if it’s important to the person. While I have next to zero experience with Ireland or Scotland, a big chunk of my ancestors were Scots-Irish immigrants to the area hate in the US I’m from. And there are cultural facets that still exist from that. I also have some Polish ancestry that I have no connection to in my life, so there’s no cultural influence there. So, when I’m talking about such things, I don’t identify as Polish-American at all, because it’s such a minor part of my upbringing and self. But the Scots-Irish side of things runs very strong in both sides of my family (along with german influences, which makes for some interesting potluck dinners lol), so that’s what I would likely mention first if asked about what ethnic or cultural groups are part of my identity.

Which is similar enough to what the group of friends I was talking about said. If you aren’t part of a culture, you don’t have to self label as part of that culture just because you share some similarities. The caveat being that it assumes Latino is a culture rather than an ethnicity/race.

Again, other than the part about my own ancestry, this is all what other people said, it isn’t me trying to foist my opinion on someone else.

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If they weren’t intended to be, then they sure as hell ended up sounding like it. Two from the perspective of the “five”, and one from their victims (for lack of a better word). Though, I’m not sure which of victorious or suncross is actually the first part of the story. I know victorious comes first on the album, but suncross kinda feels like it’s a prequel, depending on how you look at the lyrics.

Then again, the whole album is thematically coherent, so it might have even been all part of one story, just with more than one arc, but that’s likely me seeing patterns that aren’t really there.

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As all viking sagas should be :)

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I dunno, I don’t think it works.

Which seems dumb to say when nobody knows what you were going for except you, but it just lacks cohesion. There’s no sense of life to the image, despite there being a lot in the image that should make it space alive, if that makes sense?

You know how it is though, everyone has their own perspective with imagery. It’s exceedingly difficult to frame any image in a way that translates what the intent is to even a big section of possible viewers, so I could just be missing the connection

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Is legit.

But, you kinda have to do one playthrough like that. You can have the playlist perfect in theory, but until you listen to it all the way through, you can’t know that you got things the way you really want them. Quick skipping through is the best way to do that with the ability to keep track of what your impressions of the playlist are, rather than just vibing to single songs and missing the overall flow.

It’s absurd absurd how much thought I’ve put into playlist creation and management lol.

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Jfc, did they even bother to check their title?

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With the shelves dished like that, it’s essentially useless.

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Jazz metal at its best!

Not even joking, they’re fucking brilliant

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I could wish for more honesty in description. It isn’t wood, it’s a wood containing product.

What is the best way to clean burnt-on splatters from a chrome oven without damaging the chrome?

Hey everyone, I’ve got a chrome oven (Moulinex Optimo OX4848) with some seriously stubborn burnt-on food splatters that just won’t budge. I’ve tried degreaser (KH-7) and scrubber sponge, steel sponge scrubber, and even a sanding block. The sanding block was working, but I heard it might damage the chrome plating, leading...

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I’ve had good luck with simple green and patience while it sits there.

You can also usually zap a wet sponge in the microwave long enough to get it steaming, then place it on top. Just be aware you’ll want to use tongs to move it.

That’s the real key with baked on stuff; patience. You have to let whatever you’re using have enough time to loosen the gunk up.

If those fail, oven cleaner works, but it’s pretty damn brutal. Make sure you have plenty of ventilation and follow all safety instructions for the cleaner.

A decent oven should have chrome that’s on there solid, so you can usually sand down carefully without issue. If the block is hard, and you watch what you’re doing, you won’t come in contact with the chrome until you’re at the thinnest level of the baked on stuff. That’s usually gong to be easy enough to remove with something like bon ami or barkeeper’s friend. It’s faster than the long soaks, but you do have the possibility of scratches (no matter how low) if you go too fast.

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Yeah, but they’re sometimes the best option anyway. I wouldn’t use one for any length of time for gaming, but I have the luxury of not having to leave home much, and almost never for extended time. Back when I was still able to work, a laptop for gaming would have made sense on the long overnight shifts (the job has lots of downtime, and limited limitations on how it was filled).

Folks that travel a lot are in a similar boat.

Folks that can only have one PC and need it to be portable are reliant on laptops totally.

Yeah, even the best of them aren’t ideal, but they’re sensible for various use cases.

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Jesus, I remember the first time I got hit with that line (the old guys part, nobody has ever tried the fax on on me…yet). Just hearing it made me feel creepy considering the source, and I was only fucking 32. The girl was 17 FCOL. I literally noped out. Took off saying nope over and over again.

I’ve had giant leather bears hit on me and felt complimented. But that kid just skeeved me out. Luckily, it’s never happened with anyone that young again, but it still isn’t exactly the best line to use lol

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There’s a book adaptation that (despite the author being a dick) is actually better than the movie, which is rare. Adaptations usually make too many compromises and/or unnecessary changes, regardless of it being book-to-movie or movie-to-book.

But in this case, you get a much deeper look into the staggers characters and the aliens as well. The extra material was a welcome addition, and was done in cooperation with Cameron, so there’s no conflicts with the film at all. Orson Scott Card was the hired hand for the book version.

I’m not knocking the movie at all though! One of the best sci-fi movies ever done imo. I just really enjoyed the extra character development and details, I feel they improved the story.

Ed Harris, though! His understated style works so well in the movie. My favorite role he’s done.

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I don’t recall which instance it’s on, but there’s a superbowl (as in superb owl) community on lemmy. If I can find it, I’ll edit in the link.

Edit: It’s !superbowl

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People do this, for real.

There’s also people that spread seeds of various plants.

Alas, not all of them do their research. You gotta do native plants, in the right zones for them, if you want it to be something positive.

I said that to someone I used to know that would go around throwing pot seeds anywhere he was going. He said that pot is always a positive. He’s an idiot, obviously, which is part of why he’s someone I used to know.

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And where is pot native?

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No worries :)

I even saw the same thing in a high times back in the nineties, that it was everywhere except Europe, iirc.

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It’s okay to say no, even when violence is necessary to enforce your no

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Ehhh, Axl has gone on record about when and why he wrote the song, and why he used the words he used. He outright said that he didn’t like gay people unless it was lesbians he could watch because that’s his fetish. He did say that he was only using the slurs to point at part of the groups, but the way he said it was still both racist and homophobic.

Slash has said on the record that he objected to the song, and wished it hadn’t been made, but that (at the time) the band didn’t interfere with each other creatively. He also didn’t play much on the track, btw. Afaik, Axl wrote all the acoustic guitar on it, because he’s stated on the record that he sucked at the guitar and was essentially just strumming two strings. I’ve never seen any breakdown of who played what on the recording though, so I can’t say who is playing on the track.

However, Slash has also said that while he didn’t like the song, he wasn’t pissed at Axl because of it. But you can’t use that as a guideline for the song being acceptable or not because a shit ton of other musicians were quite vocal in their objections at the time (including the band that toured with them during that era, Living Color).

It isn’t anyone ascribing anything to him (axl), it’s what he himself has said in interviews, and on stage.

In later interviews he’s outright said that he as a person was a rage junkie (abridged version lol, he did a lot of interviews), and absolutely had hatred for gay people as a whole. He’s given multiple reasons for that, and none of those are self-contradictory. However, none of them excuse his behavior towards gay people.

As far as other things he’s said about his racial beliefs, I don’t know if it’s fair to say he’s full on racist, as in hating black people or any given ethnic group. What is fair to say is that his excuses for use the n slur in the song amount to stereotyping and was certainly intended to attack at least the black people he was stereotyping.

Now, I’m pulling this from having been a fan of the band since they broke into national awareness, and all the stuff I read and heard along the way. But, the interviews are usually available online. I know the Rolling Stone magazine stuff is. There’s still concert ,footage of him from the era ranting about being accused of bigotry, though that was pretty much just him saying “fuck you” to anyone that didn’t like him.

Very specifically, Axl has said that he wrote it from his own perspective, talking about his experiences and his anger. The “one in a million” sections of the song are him repeating something said to him in real life because he was a raging asshole (again, he’s said that on record).

So, the worst motives being ascribed to him aren’t ONLY because he isn’t well liked. Hell, I’ve still got the vinyl of Lies, and have the rest of the pre-breakup albums on at least CD, if not multiple formats. I don’t hate Axl, much less the band.

Knopfler has also been open about how his song was written, and it’s intent. It was, just as you said, holding up the kind of speech and behavior in the song to ridicule. That’s been his public stance on the song from the beginning, and it has never changed afaik. The lyrics support that stance. He’s told the story of writing down many of the lines from the song after hearing them in person by another person. The lyrics are saying that the musicians on stage and screen are the yo-yos playing Hawaiian music, so the f slur in the song would be directed at Knopfler himself even if he was writing from his own perspective.

I know, that’s a lot of words for a decades old song lol. But anyone that was a fan of the band back then had to negotiate the matter. My best friend still hates Axl because of the song. The debate about exactly how bad the lyrics are was a nearly daily thing for a few weeks after the EP came out. I never hated Axl, I don’t waste my hate on strangers very often (and never on strangers that can’t really do anything with whatever bullshit they spew). But I get why people do.

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Yeah, that’s in there too. But definitely not a joke. Just Axl being Axl

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Absolutely! It wasn’t at all unusual, even for other slurs. But gay slurs were outright common. Ffs, even in 91, my high school had a gym class playing “smear the queer” and that was the gym teacher calling it that. It wasn’t a secret, it was right out in the open. And that really was about the mildest kind of bullshit gay people had to deal with.

My best friend in high school was/is gay (still my best friend, still gay lol). He was mean as a snake, so nobody was dumb enough to directly attack him, but it was a real fear that it could happen, or that it could end up a planned attack by enough people when he was alone that his willingness to fuck people up wasn’t a deterrent.

By about 93, I had been going to the closer gay bars with him, and ended up bouncing at a few when I moved to the city for a while. It could get ugly fast at those places. Here in the south, the acceptance of gay folks still isn’t where it should be, but back then, we would have assholes showing up specifically to beat gay people. I’ve got a few scars from trying to keep our patrons safe and alive. All of us at the big drag club ended up with scars.

The sheer ease with which some of those sociopaths would drive into the city specifically to try and hurt someone they didn’t even know was disgusting. The police response was utter bullshit. A couple of times, people damn near died while we tried to keep things under control because the cops didn’t care. At least the ambulance people were fast, those folks were incredible, and always got there before the cops, despite being located farther away.

It’s one of the reasons I can’t bring myself to hate Axl. I’m amazed I didn’t end up thinking that way too, if I’m being honest. My family were mostly cool with gaydom (that’s an actual thing my aunt said once), but they still looked at it with pity and condescension. “Those poor people”. I have to laugh at it a little or it would make me sad.

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