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Huh. You’d think they need a reliable power supply. Is that what the money is for?


Depends what level of “building”. I have seen land bought, stripped, foundation prep work started, then all the sudden the plug is pulled.

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Comcast: "Starting today, new and existing customers can take advantage of the following speed increases:

Connect: 75 Mbps to 150 Mbps,
Connect More: 200 Mbps to 300 Mbps,
Fast: 400 Mbps to 500 Mbps,
Xfinity Prepaid: 50 Mbps to 200 Mbps"


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The marketing fluff doesn’t, but they actually did increase upload speeds. Mine went from 10 to 20 up. And here is the DSL reports forum thread from when this round started.

Also, they are testing larger increases. I could get 100 up today, if I had a supported modem.

So, check your actual plan and modem to see what you have now.

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None that article, but check my other and check your plan. You may be pleased, I was.


line go up

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A Peek at Intel’s Future Foundry Tech


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US Department of Commerce announces CHIPS act preliminary agreement with GlobalFoundries, which will award approximately $1.5 billion to expand domestic production of semiconductors


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Solar and battery storage to make up 81% of new U.S. electric-generating capacity in 2024



Capacity and generation are two different things. Grid operators have capacity markets that ensure peak load can be met, and incude generations assets, demand response, energy efficiency, etc. Batteries absolutely coumt as capacity so long as they are managed to do so.


The headline seems to mean 81% of generation and storage capacity. When the article talks about battery storage, it only says storage, not generation.

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Bose introduces their new Ultra Open Earbuds. “Their cuff-like fit leaves your ears totally open so you can still hear the world around you”


aeki, avatar

Seems like only the US is available. I am also curious about a product like this that’d deliver to Sweden.

Tattorack, avatar

Well, it turns out Telenor is selling that exact model here. Maybe check your phone provider?

andrew, avatar

I’ve updated mine and it’s generally made it better tbh, at least insomuch as now that I have that setting toggled I don’t have to deal with hitting their smart shit.

I just always update it and then reset it, stay at the firmware level but set it up like a new TV and don’t connect it.


factory reset went back to the shitty upgrade version I upgraded to :(. But I will say that I haven’t let it update since that initial terrible upgrade assuming it might get worse. Maybe I should try upgrading it once more and then lock it off if the next version is decent?

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Here’s how WhatsApp plans to interoperate with other messaging apps



It would be nice if those fines could be used to support free software development for alternatives


IIRC it wasn’t the signal protocol, just the encryption methods that were shared with WhatsApp. I don’t think federation was ever on the cards.


Following @technology

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> NSA officials told Wyden that not only is the intelligence agency purchasing data on Americans located in the US but that it also bought Americans' Internet metadata.


Why do you need to spy, when you can simply... buy?

We gave up our data willingly and made it easy for all the 3-letter agencies of the world. We only have ourselves to blame. 🤷‍♂️

(Link HT: @technology)

OpticalMoose, avatar

Seriously. Why act like the NSA are the bad guys? It’s literally their job. They would be negligent in their duties if they didn’t do it.

If people want more privacy, they need to change the fucking laws.

Ep1cFac3pa1m, avatar

Oh I’m no fan of the NSA purchasing untold amounts of data about Americans, but seriously how can you blame them for it when the data is readily and legally available for purchase by pretty much anyone? These datasets shouldn’t exist in the first place.


@arstechnica @technology

Does anyone else see bespoke batteries as a scam?

I noticed the difference in my xbox controller vs playstation. My woman had to keep hers plugged in because the battery was at end-of-life, I kept a set of rechargeable AA's and used them in my mouse, xbox paddle, razor...I forget what all else.

Why not standardize phone and laptop batteries?

muntedcrocodile, avatar

Nope just greedy fuckers being greedy. In devices like phones it kinda makes sense from a space efficiency standpoint but most devices its simply so they can take ur money when u need a replacement.



Thanks. I suspected as much.


IF Brains were Computers...
What Dos commands would be running?!


So, basically, Dwarf Fortress.


A TSR which intermittently plays old commercials jungles. At full volume.

“Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener.”

joeyvdpoel, Dutch

Someone @technology suggested this site, I’m a bit surprised by the services offered as alternatives to the big tech companies. Very nice overview.

Techie, avatar

Nice, thanks!


Fun fact: This is a post from mastodon which got posted to the c/technology on since it was tagged :D

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