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🎧 Audio-phile.
📻 Ex-Indian FM radio
🖥️ Tech-enthusiast.
🌗 Lurker.

Happy to talk about: #audio #podcast #radio #storytelling

I post random #musings about: #podcasts, #India #news, #SocialContract, and other trending topics.

I ❤️ #puns & jump into conversations uninvited.

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shrikant, to StarTrek
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Yo @startrek, tell me something?

Do exist in the universe? Does any whatsoever exist in the Star Trek universe?

Because, if not, then it means there are no Tucker Carlsons and no Jon Stewarts, and no John Olivers in that universe. Probably because nothing needs internal investigations in that society as a whole!

And that frankly blows my mind... 🤯

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@remotelove 👀

Not an avid myself but def curious to know what episode that image is from...

(Interestingly, the image you attached inline in your comment on lemmy didn't appear in my @Tusky notifications. But, sensing something amiss, I checked out the lemmy community and saw the image...)

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@halm Yeah, but I kinda reasoned it in my head thinking is dystopian and all dystopian hellscapes definitely require reporters... 🤣

But, as others have informed me, there is definitely a reporter named Jake Sisko in the Star Trek universe who plays an important(-ish?) role. The wiki doesn't seems to have much by way of his journalistic exploits, though. 🤷‍♂️


AAKL, to Cybersecurity
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  • shrikant,
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    @AAKL Thought "joinee" was a fairly common word. It's used often in India, I think. For example, the term "new joinees" to refer to new people 'joining' an org.

    Curious about why you say it shouldn't be used.

    shrikant, to Spotify
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    One of the best quotes that I have heard on 'unchecked and unbridled capitalism' comes from Rob Rosenthal, host of the SoundSchool podcast from @prx, and a podcaster I greatly respect and consider as a mentor.

    In a recent episode where Rob spoke from the heart about #Spotify ruthlessly culling good shows and good people from its roster, he said:

    "Unlimited growth is the logic of a cancer cell."

    This line lives rent-free in my head.

    #latestage #capitalism #podcast #quote

    shrikant, to technology
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    > NSA officials told Wyden that not only is the intelligence agency purchasing data on Americans located in the US but that it also bought Americans' Internet metadata.

    Source: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2024/01/nsa-finally-admits-to-spying-on-americans-by-purchasing-sensitive-data/

    Why do you need to spy, when you can simply... buy?

    We gave up our data willingly and made it easy for all the 3-letter agencies of the world. We only have ourselves to blame. 🤷‍♂️

    (Link HT: @technology)

    shrikant, to politicalmemes
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    I'm currently in "The Grinch" quadrant. Where are you? :P

    The Christmas political compass. (via @politicalmemes)


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    @FlyingSquid The only thing you should do in these moments is point at them and laugh at their ignorance... :P

    I mean, anyone who expects a person to be enthused about a holiday from a religion they don't identify with is seriously suffering from a case of "the stoopid". So, pointing and laughing at them is perfectly acceptable, IMHO. 😬

    shrikant, to threads
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    The whole #threads fiasco is a no-win situation for #mastodon, IMHO.

    If a majority of instances #defederate with #threads, then #meta and zuck can claim mastodon is hostile and move on to the #extend part of "embrace-extend-extinguish" and create proprietary features.

    If a majority of instances #federate and accept threads, Meta and Zuck will embrace it but continue to #extend and eventually take defacto control of the #ActivityPub protocol.

    @Gargron, good luck threading this needle, man! 👍

    shrikant, to random
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    Just realized, the Embrace-Extend-Extinguish philosophy doesn't actually end with Extinguish.

    There is a 4th stage.


    Every single product that has been has inevitably gone extinct.

    It happened to MySpace, to Digg, and everything in the Google Graveyard. It is happening to Twitter and Reddit.

    The only person worse off at the end of this cycle is the consumer.

    We need to force companies to open-source products that they decide to sunset.

    shrikant, to internet
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    Just realize how much my habits have shifted.

    Earlier, I'd open DDG and type in my search query.

    These days, I open a query in , duplicate the tab to use '!g' and '!yt' to search and , ask and for ideas to refine my search, also look on and , and I still feel like I might have missed out...

    Google is the new Lycos or Altavista. DDG is AskJeeves, I guess.

    Time for a new , I guess. Maybe, a mashup/aggregator? 🤔

    shrikant, to ADHD
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    For people without ADHD, "just do it" is the solution.

    For people with ADHD, "just do it" is the problem.


    #Neurodivergence #ADHD #Productivity #justdoit #executivedysfunction #mentalhealth

    AAKL, to android
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  • shrikant,
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    @AAKL @techradar

    > "incorrectly"

    Huh. I don't know guys... 👀

    TechConnectify, to random
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    Hi, I'm stuck waiting on laundry to finish and am bored, so why don't I come on here and write some hot takes about YouTube?

    I mean, I can think of several reasons, but too bad I'll do it anyway.

    Knowing the leanings of the folks on this particular platform this is likely to spark some debate, but note that I'm not trying to paint YouTube as a saint - in fact, the first thing I want to talk about is a strategy they've taken which puts me and all YT creators in a weird place:

    @shrikant@noc.social avatar

    @TechConnectify YT Premium still continues to track and aggregate watching habits and sell that data to advertisers.

    Premium should not just be ad-free but also tracking-free.

    It's not the ads that are problematic. It is the tracking that needs to die...

    AAKL, to ai
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  • shrikant,
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    @AAKL This headline reads like some sentient AI wrote it with the intention of trapping Gen Z workers in lifelong slavery...

    Good thing the AI we have now isn't sentient, eh?


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    @AAKL Honestly, I think a lot of these AI-related articles published by sites like WSJ and BI are pretty much pointless clickbait.

    There was another article a few days ago about Gen Z being okay with working their whole lives with NO retirement.

    I think they just feed keywords into ChatGPT and run with whatever BS it spouts...


    Edent, (edited ) to random
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    Couples of Mastodon! How do you handle emails for "joint" things?

    Like utility bills, hotel reservations, and other domestic accounts.

    Please 🔁 the 📊 for extra reach 🙂

    @shrikant@noc.social avatar

    @Edent It's only me for now but your options have made me re-think our current system...

    Thank you! :)

    dgar, to random
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    The urge to sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight is only ever a whim away.

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    @dgar I hate you but I also love you but I hate you...



    shrikant, to random
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    "The difference between 'Ugh, I hate this service but I can't bring myself to quit it' and 'Jesus Christ, why did I wait so long to quit this shithole?! Get me the fuck out of here!' is razor-thin..."

    I hope this phase of enshittification results in easy self-hosting alternatives mushrooming across the internet.

    (H/T to @JoeMomma who posted it on @main)

    Clip of Cory Doctorow (@pluralistic) who coined the term explaining the term in simple (but strong) words.

    shrikant, to conspiracy
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    What if the reason nothing is being done about climate change is because the people who CAN do something about it prefer to "let it do its thing" as a natural culling of the human population?


    railmaps, to random
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    The Monterey Bay Aquarium have announced their departure from Twitter with this.

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    @railmaps I will always upvote a Douglas Adams quote! He was a hoopy frood who always knew where his towel was! :)

    shrikant, to free
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    The world seems to be splitting into two factions - people who want a and people who just want free stuff on the internet.

    And, in exchange, the latter kind will gladly give up anything, even their entire lives. Which makes it NOT free but I don't think they are bothered by that...

    It is amazing how this Faustian deal has now become a norm and no one even thinks of challenging it anymore!

    shrikant, to mentalhealth
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    I think we should talk about mental illnesses using physical body parts.

    I don't have anxiety, my brain's stomach is hurting.

    I don't have depression, my brain's body is fatigued and has a fever.

    I don't have ADHD, my brain's eyes need glasses.

    I don't have OCD, my brain's skin is feeling very itchy today.

    Mental illnesses are invisible? F**K THAT. I am going to make them VISIBLE. And if you can't understand that, then that's on YOU.

    #mentalhealth #wellness #adhd #ocd #anxiety #depression

    indianewswatch, to india
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    Jaipur-Mumbai train shooting: Railways withdraws statement on mental condition of accused RPF constable

    Singh was apprehended by officers and staff of RPF Post, Bhayandar, and handed over to the local police in Borivali for further legal action.

    #TrainShooting #ChetanSingh #RPF #CommunalViolence #RailwayMinistry #muslims #islamophobia #BJP #NarendraModi #AjayBisht #YogiAdityanath #modi #hindutva #india


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    @indianewswatch What a terrible sh*tshow this is turning out to be... 🤦‍♂️

    They started with a lie and quickly found out that keeping the lie alive would involve gaslighting an entire nation. So they had to retract.

    And the lie was only discovered because a recording of his hate-speech went viral...

    ...which happened only because social networks like Twitter, IG, Facebook, and Mastodon exist - despite some people's efforts. cough Elon cough

    ssharadmohhan, to india
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    'Lady at a Bath'.
    c1725 AD #Rajput #IndianMiniaturePainting from #Bundi #Rajasthan #India on a Christie's sale.

    A lady stands on the edge of a pool partially draped in an orange translucent robe as her female attendant washes her legs.

    #IndianHeritage #IndianHistory #art #paintings #history #heritage #mastoart #painting #IndianCulture #IndianMiniaturePaintings

    Good morning @pvonhellermannn and everyone else.
    Have a great day ahead.

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