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A.I. Frenzy Complicates Efforts to Keep Power-Hungry Data Sites Green (

But as more of these sites start to pop up across the United States, there are new questions on whether they can meet the demand while still operating sustainably. The carbon footprint from the construction of the centers and the racks of expensive computer equipment is substantial in itself, and their power needs have grown...


Per the article it

measures representation of women in films and other works of fiction. Basically, a story passes the Bechdel test if it includes two female characters having a conversation about something other than a man

The idea is to have an analogous test for discussion of climate in a movie or TV episode


It’s about people, but in that spirit:

The Climate Reality Check asks whether, in a given story:

  • Climate change exists,
  • And a character knows it.

You could look at the maps in the article

Why Is Trump Trying to Make Ukraine Lose? The former president isn’t in office—but is still dictating U.S. policy. (

Donald Trump, who is not the president, is using a minority of Republicans to block aid to Ukraine, to undermine the actual president’s foreign policy, and to weaken American power and credibility.

silence7, (edited )

It highlights the fact that the Republicans control a majority of the House of Representatives. That’s on the state legislators who gerrymandered the districts


Republicans control a majority of the House of Representatives, giving them the power to block spending. They do what he says.


There are a number who aren’t, like Liz Cheney. It’s possible to disagree almost completely with somebody on policy, and still recognize that they’re not a traitor.

Not that the rest of the Republican party accepts them or will allow them to win a primary anymore.


I don’t believe there was some moderate Republican who would have gone along with this


It was pretty much media talk. The Republican Party purged their moderates during the 2022 primary

Hunter Biden gives House Republicans the rebuttal they didn’t want (

Republican legislators and interviewers challenging the president’s son on the House majority’s behalf would throw out an allegation, often one that’s been worn smooth after tumbling around in the right-wing media universe for the past year or two. And Biden would invariably swat it away, stripping off the layers of...


You need to add the following to the DNS over https exception list:

  • any others they might use

Large corporate environments often have a team which reviews updates and may defer them from being rolled out.


Mammals tend to have fun being mammals. I’m not aware of any evidence that it is temperature-related.

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