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Kansas welcomes you, Komrade!



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@ThatOneKirbyMain2568 nice solarpunk flair!

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When I made this flag, I used red to symbolize the violent history of the Kansas Territory, a yellow stripe at the bottom to evoke a wheat field (given that one of Kansas's nicknames is the Wheat State), and a sunflower at the top left. I didn't notice the communist connotation of a red flag with a yellow symbol in the canton until someone pointed it out back when I posted this on Reddit. I still really like how the design looks, though maybe it'd be best to change the red to blue.

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Change the red to blue and maybe add a few yellow stars to match the state motto. Might end up a bit busy though.

A sickle instead of the sunflower for harvesting wheat could add a little commie flair. I do like your sunflower though!

Am Kansan who hates how busy our flag is due to including the state seal.

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