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Why is redesigning its state flag? Among the several notable reasons is because it gets flown upside down. A lot. Here it is being flown upside down today at the police department.

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Just had a huge thunderstorm come thru with high winds and hail.


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It's WeFest weekend in our little town of , . Tens of thousands of fans gather for one of the biggest annual outdoor music in America.
I try to be out of town, but sadly, this year I failed.
Cops are swarming the highways. F150s pulling campers are everywhere.
If you walk into the tomorrow morning you will see it packed with the sunburned walking dead wandering the aisles looking for asprin, water, and condoms.
Next week the local paper will be full of the weirdest arrest stories, as well as assaults.
It brings a lot A LOT! of money to town. But oh, we are so happy when it's over.


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Martin Zellar at in .
I'm an old, old fan of this son.

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Hey, , if you need an up north lake retreat, you might enjoy this humble little place on Lake Detroit.


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If you're in the area, Long Bridge is a great place to hang out with friends. The beer selection could be better, but the live music and party atmosphere guarantees a good time. Accessible from the lake via your boat or pontoon. Jumping off the bridge into the waters is hella fun, but optional.

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Enjoying a Ruby Red, strawberry rhubarb at Bucks Mill, . Feels good on a 85F day.

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