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Prayer flags in a backyard in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois.

Photo taken on 23 February 2024.

For more photos from Chicago in 2024, please see the following collection:

#Chicago #Illinois #LincolnPark #Flags #PrayerFlags #Buddhist #Buddhism #SilentSunday #Tree #Nature #Urban #UrbanExploration #Street #Quiet #Peaceful

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alan, to cascadia avatar

The Mastodon server now has custom emoji for the flags of , , and . Enjoy!


alan, avatar

Interesting, our server has seen a bunch of federated #Cascadia #DougFlag emoji on other servers, but apparently we're the only one with the #pride variant?

#flag #flags #vexillology #emoji

alan, avatar

Ok, last one, here's my variant with the gold outline. Let's see how it looks as as an emoji:


(this is from my blog post "The Cascadia Flag needs serious design help")

grahamrhind, to vexillology avatar

It shouldn't need saying, but using flags to indicate languages is not a good idea ...


aeisenberg, to random avatar

Grading Canadian flags by the eponymous CGP Grey. He has fun with Canadian culture without once mentioning maple syrup or poutine.

My beef is that he gives the BC flag an 'A'. It's not an 'A' flag. It's not even a good flag.

mpjgregoire, avatar

@aeisenberg Nova Scotia has the best flag, aesthetically pleasant and following proper heraldic practice by making the flag a rectangular version of the field of the cost of arms. Québec has the second best flag, simple, elegant and distinctive.

#NovaScotia #Québec #flags
#vexillology #heraldry

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