Austin Butler To Star For Darren Aronofsky In Crime Thriller Caught Stealing (

Austin Butler's career is certainly on fire at the moment, between his scene-stealing role in Dune: Part Two and his small screen work on Masters Of The Air. So naturally, he's in demand. The actor has now landed another plum role, starring in Darren Aronofsky's next film, Caught Stealing...

Scott Derrickson To Direct ‘Night Of The Hunter’ Adaptation For Universal (

Scott Derrickson has been set to direct an adaptation of Davis Grubb’s classic 1953 novel The Night of the Hunter for Universal Pictures, working from his script written with C. Robert Cargill, his longtime collaborator on The Black Phone, Doctor Strange and other projects....

Todd Haynes Is Filming a Romantic Detective Movie Starring Joaquin Phoenix This Summer (

Hot off the success of his melodrama May December, Portland auteur Todd Haynes is embarking on his next film: a detective movie starring Joaquin Phoenix that will shoot this summer. “It’s a love story between two men set in the ’30s that has explicit sexual content, or at least it challenges you with the sexual...

etherdiver, to random avatar

New album ! After an untoward amount of time spent futzing with the second track, I finally set it aside earlier this week, then spent a couple days or so working out a way to move forward.

I landed on setting up and recording some jams, with the intention of slicing them up and building tracks out of/on top of them. After a day's worth of setup and troubleshooting, I came up with this:

etherdiver, avatar

Time for a quick Update! I'm basically back in , or more accurately in a hybrid preproduction/writing phase. Set up another jam last night and it was really flowing, sounded great. Going to do another performance of it tonight, then start another new one ... Finally feels like progress instead of treading water.

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