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How Russian Parliamentary Leader Sergey Mironov and His New Wife Adopted a Child Kidnapped from Ukraine and Changed Her Identity (istories.media)

Adopting deported Ukrainian children in Russia is a crime from the point of view of international law, lawyer Maria Chashchilova explains. “This is considered genocide and violates paragraph (e) of Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide: ‘forcibly transferring children of the...

Boost public and private investment in R&D to 4% of GDP: This is how Finland is looking for its next Nokia (english.elpais.com)

Research and development in Finland hasn’t yet recovered the cruising speed of 3.54% of GDP that it had in 2008, which reached such a high level thanks to the phenomenal contribution of Nokia’s research. According to Sari Multala, the minister of Science and Culture for the Nordic country, the current government has proposed...

On TikTok, the war in Gaza is a game (english.elpais.com)

One of the TikTok trends is to show the process of loading a projectile into a tank and firing it. Another is to put trance music to a video, along with the words “2-3, sha-ger.” This is the order that a military drone operator is given to drop a bomb, with the syllables separated so that the message is clear. The trend...

After arrests and deportations, Mongolians worry about Chinese reach (www.washingtonpost.com)

China under Xi Jinping, its most powerful leader in decades, has progressively clamped down on ethnic minorities living on the country’s periphery: Tibetans, Uyghurs, Kazakhs and Mongols have all been targeted as part of Xi’s broader effort to crush dissent and force assimilation into the Han Chinese majority....

‘It’s just a show’: Hong Kong voters likely to stay away as ‘patriots only’ local elections loom (www.theguardian.com)

Museums will be free of charge as part of a “fun day” to promote the polls, which will include concerts and drone shows. Voters will receive a thank you card and a photo opportunity, while civil servants have been strongly urged to head to polling stations. Cathay Pacific has offered discount flights to encourage Hong Kong...

The “Hunt for Hamas” Narrative Is Obscuring Israel’s Real Plans for Gaza (www.thenation.com)

America’s media and political class is analyzing, debating, and shaping a narrative in Gaza that’s entirely different from the one being discussed in Israeli media and among Israeli political leaders. This gap, born from casual racism, deliberate credulity, and reflexive alignment with the US government’s party line, is...

Judge finds evidence that Tesla, Musk knew about Autopilot defect that led to killing of Florida man (www.reuters.com)

Bryant Walker Smith, a University of South Carolina law professor, called the judge’s summary of the evidence significant because it suggests “alarming inconsistencies” between what Tesla knew internally, and what it was saying in its marketing....

[DE] Debatte über Haushaltskrise: "Es geht eben nicht mehr alles" (www.tagesschau.de) German

Nach dem Urteil des Bundesverfassungsgerichts zum Haushalt ringen die Parteien darum, wie es weitergehen soll. CDU-Chef Friedrich Merz forderte einen Verzicht auf die Kindergrundsicherung, das Heizungsgesetz und auf ein höheres Bürgergeld. “Es geht eben nicht mehr alles”, sagte er in der ARD-Talkrunde “Maischberger”....


Was wäre, wenn wir einfach alle klimeschädlichen Investitionen streichen wie für Öl und Gas und Kohle? Wäre das nicht mal ein Anfang?

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