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China's Belt and Road Initiative is bringing new risks to Europe, researcher says (

“Hungary’s willingness to enter security arrangements with Xi Jinping and do the bidding of Vladimir Putin while, simultaneously, maintain membership in NATO and the EU is deeply troubling and presents an existential crisis for those alliances,” writes Elaine Dezenski, senior director and head of the Center on Economic and...

"The time for half-measures has passed": EU lawmaker alliance calls for ban on all Russian energy, including gas (

We “call on the European Commission to initiate and on member states to adopt without delay a total ban on Russian energy commodities in the EU market,” says the letter, initiated by the green lawmaker Ville Niinistö from Finland....

European banks are scared of the digital euro. Here's how their secret lobbying could torpedo it (

The launch of the digital euro could give every European a free, universal payment account. But this grand vision is at risk of being curtailed by a well-coordinated lobbying campaign of the banking industry. Banks want to make sure you will keep needing them – and they have EU officials’ ears.

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