Doctoral Student (PhD Candidate) of Political Philosophy, Ancient and Modern

#grandstrategy #politics #politicalphilosophy #Alfarabi #Plato #Aristotle #kalam

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@CollisionResistance @conquer4 Choosing either candidate results in a Pro-Israel president. Biden is on record several times proclaiming his affinity for Zionism.

poloniousmonk, to politics


Ok, since all i got was mocked, i guess i have to back up a bit.

Did anyone notice that the first two star wars had depth (carter) and the third was junk (reagan)? The first matrix (clinton) vs the next two (bush)?

How about bill cosby? He got reported to the fbi every year, but was useful for shaping the narrative. He blamed the Black community for its response to systemic persecution and justified white racism.


@poloniousmonk @politics People often mock what they don't understand, or, in other words, refuse to read. Plato's notions about controlling music have a salutary objective, both in his Republic and Laws.


@jpaskaruk @poloniousmonk @politics Perhaps, or the reader can just follow Plato's cues dropped within the text concerning his ultimate aim for his perceived city-state.


@jpaskaruk @poloniousmonk @politics Unfortunately, I don't think many readers have much patience for subtitles through which the philosophers engage the careful reader.


@jpaskaruk @poloniousmonk @politics That depends, I guess. From my understanding, though other Straussians would disagree, the city appears essential for Plato's desire to perfect the soul, which he further elucidates in the Laws. Some Straussians assume that the "city in speech" is impossible and can never come to fruition. I think Plato's Laws is a rebuttal to this notion.

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