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Interests: metal (esp. all things death), PC tech (esp. mechanical keyboards), horror (lit and film)

Profile picture credit: Godmachine - metalheads may know his style from the album art of releases like Carnifex’s GRAVESIDE CONFESSIONS

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Iiiiiii have not listened to Nightwish in a decade or two, but I would love to revisit, thank you for resharing. Reminds me of how I used to use Dimmu Borgir - Sympozium as an alarm lmao

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Hell yeah, glad you agree. Let me know if you have any similar bands to recommend, I’m on a kick. So far I’ve got Eye of Horus (latest album anyway, Noxium), Fallen Utopia, and sort of Aviscerus, Scent of Death, and Ignominious Incarceration.

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Ok awesome. Well welcome to the community! Feel free to post whatever you like, I’m pretty liberal with genre bounds, so a little black/prog/melodic/core creeps in a lot of the time. My main focus is music discovery, including for myself, so I’ll definitely check out Underdark and Agriculture, those are not names I’ve heard. JFAC has been a favorite forever, so I’ll talk about them all day long lol

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Ugh that’s really tough, they’re both solid. I agree about the slight edge to Moon Healer. It’s just hard to set aside how big a stylistic change Sun Water had been from previous releases, how much Jonny’s vocal range had expanded, etc. Felt really fresh at the time. But goddamn, Agony Seeping Storm…

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