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Good to see it is just precautionary

Lucky, no one else hit him when he lost control


Yeah, it is wild.

But people are free to spend money on whatever they like.

I waste plenty of money of Nerf blasters LOL.


Guess we need to see if the judge see if it is reasonable.

I have a small sliver of hope.


I believe if here are relevant circumstances, like if they are a minor but this really smacks of a cover up.

Hopefully the judge rejects their request or there is a valid reason for not disclosing their name for 40 years…


Does put into perspective how much it costs to run at this level and how their competitors are paying costs of similar magnitudes



First words out of his mouth is to accuse someone else.

There is a joke in there somewhere about the apprentice taking out the master LOL


Or that they are considered disposable by the people making and buying them

These should be banned


Bad headline. He copped the penalty fairly. Kudos to him.

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