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Physicists Unlock Quantum Immortality With Revolutionary Time Crystal (

The development of a robust continuous time crystal (CTC) in an electron-nuclear spin system represents a significant advancement in understanding the behavior of matter under specific conditions. This research, led by Alex Greilich and a team from TU Dortmund University, demonstrates a CTC in a tailored semiconductor,...

[Question] With Whatsapp having to become interconnect-able due to DMA, are there any known messenger apps which are planned to be interconnected with Whatsapp?

With all the news, I couldn’t find the information. All I know is from a Lemmy user who said Signal stated they won’t connect with Whatsapp. I really want to swap off a Meta-owned app, but cannot lose access to the people who use Whatsapp....

Reddit is licensing its content to Google to help train its AI models (

Google has struck a deal with Reddit that will allow the search engine maker to train its AI models on Reddit’s vast catalog of user-generated content, the two companies announced. Under the arrangement, Google will get access to Reddit’s Data API, which will help the company “better understand” content from the site....

The Majestic Birth of Graphical User Interfaces – Xerox Alto and the Alto Trek game (

Can you imagine a time before the Graphical User Interface, when you could only operate a computer with abstract-looking text instead of using simple menus, and it was unheard of to use the oh-so-common mouse? A time when computers were harder to learn, and even harder to master? Well then, join us on our splendid trip where...

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