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Some random dude who likes turtles and minecraft.

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The following is just my own assumptions, take with a grain of salt.

Phones are often taken out to perform a quick task, then stashed back in a pocket/bag many times a day. As such, being able to unlock a phone quickly is a rather useful feature.

On the other hand, laptops are usually taken out to be used for larger tasks, and as such, do not need to be unlocked as often.

Fingerprint scanners add less value to a laptop than they do a phone.

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My dad got me a Linux laptop as a kid (I was 10 I think?), and I am so grateful that he did.

To be fair, I already had a huge passion for computing, and it meant that I would constantly toy around with Linux, breaking things and learning how to fix them.

I have been a Linux user ever since, and I feel have learnt so much about computing because of it.

(I started on Ubuntu 12.04, with the glorious Unity desktop)

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Explain open source, free software, linux community, lemmy / the fediverse, and many many other things not formed around profit, largely maintained by people in their free time motivated by community over profit.

People aren’t inherently greedy. People are born into a system that rewards greed, and punishes altruism. There have been many different societies with many different political and economic systems, and capitalism is a fairly new one all things considered.

Rational self interest is irrational. If only a few can succeed, chances are you fail. If everyone only looks out for themselves, then everyone fails. Humanity’s biggest strength — what set us apart from many other animals — is our ability to work together and look out for each other.

Capitalism doesn’t work, and is destroying the Earth.

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Freeloaders, like large corporations taking open source and then not giving back, is yet another symptom of a system that rewards extraction and self interest.

FOSS exists despite capitalism. The fact that people are willing to work on something out of their own passion, or sense of community, directly contradicts the fundamental assertion of capitalism.

Humans are not inherently greedy.

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Honestly, I think some of his greatest content comes about when he is procrastinating. I mean, if he didn’t procrastinate in S9, we wouldn’t have gotten him and Scar blowing up Doc’s tunnel bore, leading to the perimiter war.

Grian seems like the kind of person who is always coming up with new, grand ideas. I think thats one of the reasons he has done so well in the MCYT space.

And personally, I think it’s fine he doesn’t finish some of his projects. To me, Hermitcraft isn’t just about the projects; the main draw for me is the interactions and collaborations that come from the server.

I am really glad that the Hermits are catching on to the fact that many people are here to see them, not the giant bases they build.

I know that feeling of being super inspired to make something big, something grand and ambitious, and then to lose interest once the exciting parts have been done.

Also, would not be surprised if Grian has ADHD or something.

Basically, I think his episodes are great regardless of how much “progress” he makes, and while I think he is working on improving his scoping, he is still learning like everyone else, and I think S10 has been a great step in the right direction.

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Translated for gen alpha:

level 5 gyatt rizz livvy dunne rizzing up baby gronk ice spice wat da dawg doin skibidi toilet in real life only in ohio we go jim zyzz creatine alpha sigma cuh dey board

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(it’s a copypasta)

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Just going to add that you can also use commands or external tools to locate structures. Some people would consider it cheating, but imo, as someone who has played the game for a long time, I think there are times where using such tools can make the game more fun (which is the goal of a game). It can be fun to just explore around, but it can be frustrating not finding what you are looking for.

If you are an operator on the server, you can use /seed, which will give you the world seed that you can copy by clicking the text in chat. Put that seed, when prompted, in to www.chunkbase.com/apps/ and it will tell you the coordinates of the structure you wish to find.

You can also use the /locate command, info for using it is here: minecraft.wiki/w/Commands/locate

Of course, I’m only mentioning these as options. It’s up to you what you think would be most fun for you and your kid. Just walking out in to the wilderness can also be fun (remember, your spawn is usually within 100 block range of coords 0 64 0, so you can use that to get home). Others have suggested cartographers; if you need Emeralds selling a Farmer his own wheat (from village hay-bales) can help.

bittin, to firefox Swedish
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Working on @firefox @mozilla @archlinux and @opensuse stuff

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It’s actually when they mention the Lemmy community. Mastodon users seem to get confused which accounts are Lemmy accounts vs which accounts are Mastodon.

The name being the same causes the confusion, but is not the reason for the post coming to Lemmy.

MinecraftWikiEN, to Minecraft
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Today's snapshot 24w11a brings tons of new 1.21 features!

🔨 The mace is a new weapon you can use to inflict great damage from falling! It's crafted using the new breeze rod and heavy core.

🏺 Three new pottery sherds, two new armor trims, and two new banner patterns can now be found in the trial chambers!

For more changes and tweaks from this version, check out the :


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Did a mace clutch, expect this to become a new MLG.


firefly, to memes
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Republican Martial Art


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seems this dojo teaches the ancient art of destroying your self first lmao

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Prism Launcher is the one to use, PolyMC dev was an asshole.

[DISCUSSION] online resource for Trek meme creators

This probably sounds ridiculous, but I gotta say it out loud anyway because it’s been driving me bananas for the past few days. I want to create an information resource specifically for Star Trek meme creators. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head, so I think I gotta just build it already....

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Pretty sure it’s a weird “National Pharmacies” ad campaign, from Australia. I guess the fact I know this means it’s worked somewhat.

Edit: Here’s another version of the ad.


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Your guess is as good as mine.

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