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Where are the best sites/things to find english manga books?

I have trouble finding english manga actually i havent found any online yet, most places are for books or in something i cant read. manga is pricey so i thought i could maybe print my own for personal use and to learn a new skill but that seems dumb, either way i want to read manga....

What are the best instruments for a beginner to pick up?

So i have (i think) no mucical talent becasue in school i was always bad at music classes and was behind compared to others also i coudent stand all the noises going on. im not sure why but i wanted a keyboard pinao becasue i like the way they sound, once i got one i tried to have some folks teach me but i imeditly got...


do you need good lungs to start or can that be traine aswell? i have average lungs…

Do you prefer PC or laptop? (freeonlinesurveys.com)

I was having a friendly discussion with someone this morning about PC and Laptops for work/education stuff, he suggested that I could use a chromebook for all this stuff and this would be a good idea and make things easier. I strongly disagreed with this, mainly because I hate laptops, the keyboard and touchpad make me angry and...


they both have there pros and cons, but i prefer desktop becasue you can set up your own liitle computer area and desktops can be custimized more than a laptopbut laptops ar eportable and often cheaper and some things about a laptop can be anoying.

Is now a good time to start a peertube channel?

im still debating wether i start a peertube channel or not, and im no pro but we all have to start somewhere. ive aksed variouse family member si know if i should do some sort of video content creation. i was thinking gaming but there are so many genres im not sure plus i have school and im worried it might make my life more...


i want to do is as a hobby or a goal if possible but im worried i might fail my goal, such as starting a peertube channle. at the moment i dont have to many goal and i thought peertube might help a little, if that makes sense.

What are the best books for someone with depression? to read...

so i have depression, i take meds and i talk with people about it but im also bored/empty alot and i just want something to do that is diffrent, if that makes sense. i havent read a book in quite some time and im considerd a slow reader becasue im dylexic and i lack motivation. i feel if i find a good book to help with this it...


ill have to look into it then.


it sounds very interesting ill have to check it out. ill probrably have to but it becasue my librairy probrably dont have it.

What goes into writting books?

So what goes into writting a book, can anyone do it, ive been wanting to do many things for a while but i think sense i was a kid i wanted to write a book or even a short story or something that i can publish. the thing is i have major dylexia, i tend to not plan things and instead write on the spot, also i have partiall ideas....


thank you for all this info, i hope someday i can finish a project or something involving writing.


ill probrably end up writting a bunch of short storys.


noted, then would the best option to get games, is thru steam sales?


i totaly forgot about the epic games store, its been so long, thank you for reminding me about it.


will do!


yeah i am i love that stuff.

What are some easy but fun things to make by hand? or ways to not look at a screen as much?

So im looking for things i can make or do that dont invole a compute ror my phone, i feel like i need to stop staring at a screen as much. i dont have money either and ive been wanting to go to craft fairs but im not sure what to make or how to not look at a screen as much....


you woudent belive it but im not sure how to tie knots but i guess now is better that later.


where might i find papercrafts is there a site for them where their free?

by chance…

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