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10 Upcoming Horror Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2024 (

It’s shaping up to be one massive year for horror already. Beyond a plethora of horror movies already on the horizon, the literary world is teeming with spine-tingling short story collections, novels, and more to keep you busy through 2024. So, here’s a starter guide for upcoming horror literature ready to deliver chills and...

Deepen your empathy by reading more and reading more often, linguist says (

Reading stories regularly strengthens social-cognitive skills—such as empathy—in both children and adults. And this, in turn, ensures that we can empathize with characters more effectively and more quickly when we are reading. This is the subject of linguist Lynn Eekhof’s Ph.D., which she will receive at Radboud University...

10 Ukrainian books about Russia’s war available in English (

Ukraine’s authors should have been able to dedicate their lives to honing their craft. Instead, many of them have stepped up to contribute to the war effort and fight back against Russian aggression. Like any other member of society, Ukrainian authors have lost loved ones and colleagues to Russia’

Mort: A Hilarious and Heartfelt Adventure with Death

Mort is a funny, heartwarming introduction to Death, one of the major Discworld characters. It starts off with Death deciding to take on an apprentice, Mort. Turns out, Death loves curry, has an adopted daughter, Ysabell, and gets REALLY UPSET and VERY ANGRY indeed when people harm or kill cats and kittens. And he rides a horse...

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