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I haven’t tried it yet, I just found out about the project last night. I hope someone would make a package for yunohost so I could easily self-host it 🤞

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I’ve encountered the same need as you, but I haven’t found anything either.

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Same here, i can’t connect from the web interface (i’ve tried from serval browsers)

I write this message from Android thunder app , it works.

Laurent Garnier off the record (Documentary in French) (video.ploud.fr)

FR Pour son premier documentaire, “Laurent Garnier off the record”, le réalisateur Gabin Rivoire a suivi l’éminent DJ durant trois ans, de Manchester à Tokyo via Détroit ou Barcelone. Il parvient à entremêler habilement l’histoire du pionnier français et l’odyssée de la techno....

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Have their https certificate expired?

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I’ve been here since the beginning of 2020, a few weeks ago I was regretting that this project wasn’t very popular so now I’m delighted to see this craze for Lemmy/Kbin and federated tools in general. I hope it will continue, welcome to all ^_^/ Power to the people.

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