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For Facebook Canada’s Sponsored Stories ads (that swiped names and portraits) the settlement works out to just over $11 per person. Ofc the lawyers are getting just over 33%.

Hundreds are set to descend on Tahiti for Olympic surfing. Can locals protect their way of life? (apnews.com)

In response to criticism, now 98% of Olympic housing will be within the homes of locals, with athletes accommodated on a cruise ship anchored nearby. The size of the judging tower has been scaled back and new infrastructure plans are being drawn up to minimize the need for new construction....

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Owasso PD spokesperson Nick Boatman told The Independent that police were awaiting the results of toxicology and autopsy reports from the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office before determining whether anyone will be charged.

Ofc cops want a toxicology report on the victim instead of testing the perpetrators.


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Not really, but do go on with your transphobic remarks.

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Who is to blame for the almost 30,000 Palestinian deaths - mostly women and children?

Israel, the IDF and Netanhayu … that’s who.

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Nah. I’ll just leave you to stew in your racist juices for a while.

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“Right now we need to make sure that his body is transferred to Navalny’s family and to the west for testing,” said Osechkin. “But there is a big risk that Putin’s special forces will cremate him instead.”

That would take care of ever finding out the truth.

Jfc. Putin “wins” again if this happens.

Welcome to the 'Hotel California' case: The trial over handwritten lyrics to an Eagles classic (apnews.com)

On a lined yellow pad, Don Henley, with input from band co-founder Glenn Frey, jotted thoughts about “a dark desert highway” and “a lovely place” with a luxurious surface and ominous undertones. And something on ice, perhaps caviar or Taittinger — or pink Champagne?...

A UN agency says it can't deliver aid to northern Gaza because of chaos, and famine fears are rising (apnews.com)

The report by the Global Nutrition Cluster, an aid partnership led by UNICEF, says more than 90% of children under 5 in Gaza eat two or fewer food groups a day, known as severe food poverty. A similar percentage are affected by infectious diseases, with 70% experiencing diarrhea in the last two weeks....

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Yup. Especially since measles wipes out our immune system’s memory.

So any immunity you’ve developed from a vaccine - polio, rubella, mumps, etc - or from living through an illness - chicken pox, flu, colds, malaria, COVID - is gone.

If you thought the last pandemic was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I encourage you to get tested to make sure you have the measles antibodies … and if not, get a booster shot.

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Lockbit cybercrime gang faces global takedown with indictments and arrests (www.reuters.com)

Britain’s National Crime Agency Cyber Division, with the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies seized control of websites used by Lockbit the gang and U.S. and British authorities said. The agencies also took the extraordinary step of using Lockbit’s own website to release internal data about...

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Somebody broke Rule 1 of the Double Secret Sanctions Club.

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Same thing happened in South Africa, Rwanda, Bosnia, etc.

Nobody with power will ever stop a genocide.

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You have to know Modi has his grubby little hands in this.

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Trump put 3 of his own on it tho.

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John was aiming more for the “I can bribe a SCOTUS judge to quit the court and not get into trouble???” part of it.

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