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This is an amazing article for folks interested in the low level IPC dbus. systemd, network manager, and or applications are leveraging dbus and with the new dbusbroker I expect more and more applications leverage it. It’s MASSIVELY confusing at first, but this is such a great article I hope it helps anyone interested in thr low level communications of userspace level linux applications.

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It’s a fair point, but I don’t think I’m worthy, hence why I asked. Lol

i’m on beehaw and they don’t just create communities, hence why I asked here. Seems like I’m getting a number if uovotes, so not sure if others are interested in my question or woukd like to see folks posting when they go live here. Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

Obviously wondering mod and communities thoughts as well. This is all of our space imo.

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I host my own Joplin and wife and I sync our notes to it and we love it. She’s non-technical and has no issues figuring it out, but we use minimal features. It did just get the ability to draw pictures as well, but we use that mostly just for the kids to play with.

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I have been for years and haven’t regretted it. Run my own micro-blog with go to social, tilvids is an excellent peertube, beehaw for lemmy, and matrix is the only option when talking to family imo.

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At this point just get a rasbperry pi, or some similar device, and run it as a regular computer. Firefox, ublock origin, don’t worry about ads, and turn it into a machine that is capable of soooooooo much more. Hell, any PC will work. Steam Deck, NUC, that old laptop you have laying around? Been running little NUCs on my TVs for years and so happy I don’t have to put up with that nonsense.

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I’m a linux nerd and I jut run stock Fedora. It’s desktop is like a phone UI, so lots of folks are familiar with it.

I then use a wireless keyboard and trackball. T

here are tons of remotes out there,but I don’t have any experience with then. Let me know if you find a good remote though. 😁

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As someone that watches Twitch through MPV, I can confirm watching “Ad Playing” is preferable to actually watching an annoying ad.

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Invidious still wotks great for me.

There’s also Piped.

Peertube is also gaining traction and I personally enjoy that, just needs more content creators to stop worrying about chicken and egg and start protecting their content.

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You try swallowing a star for breakfast and see how your stomach handles it!

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Linux Cast: tilvids.com/c/thelinuxcast_channel/videos

Chris Were: share.tube/c/chrisweredigital/videos

Veronica Explains: tilvids.com/c/veronicaexplains_channel/videos

Techlore: neat.tube/c/techlore/videos

Linux Lounge: tilvids.com/c/linux_lounge/videos

Nicco’s videos mentioned in the article: tube.kockatoo.org/c/niccolo_ve/videos

FYI: I’m linking to their home location, but you can follow them from any Peertube instance. I’m on Tilvids and follow all of these folks from there so I don’t have to jump around to multiple places.

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Your /etc/resolv.conf is generated by your NetworkManager, which you know. Seeing the settings of NM can be confusing, and I had to try to remind myself. You can manually set these in NM or as someone else stated, systemd-resolved might be doing this as well. If you’re changing this inside of NM and you’re still seeing that, then something is changing it, again systemd-resolved is the most likely culprit but there are other applications that do DNS caching such as unbound, dnsmasq, etc.

You can try seeing NM with the nmcli command such as the following:

$ nmcli connection show Wired\ connection\ 1

Note that “Wired\ connection\ 1” is the name of my connection, but yours might vary. If you hit TAB though a few times it should give you options.

You’d then look for an option like ipv6.dns and if it’s not set you’ll see “–”.

However that “nameserver ::1” is just indicating the ipv6 loopback so on an ipv6 address your NM is saying look for something listening locally.

If you don’t like looking at nmcli you could also check nm-connection-editor command:

$ nm-connection-editor

And that opens a GUI for editting connections.

There’s also nmtui for NM’s terminal user interface.

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If you’re getting DHCP, it could also be the DHCP server that’s giving you this address. In a standard house you’ll not set a specific IP address, but your router will give you one, and normally your home computers will also use your router for DNS. So potentially your router is setting this, but that’d be a misconfigured router really, because your router shouldn’t be telling your computer to look at local loopback for DNS requests.

Why I use Ubuntu (Alan Pope) (popey.com)

This is easily number one. I enjoy my computing experience when using Ubuntu. Whether it’s just using the computer for usual human things, noodling with new software from source, or getting new hardware working. It’s fun. I don’t find Windows or MacOS fun, at all. They work, but they’re not fun....

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Coukd it also be that he used to work for them and is just familiar with it?


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So if the work they used to train it isn’t a copyright violation canthr things it creates be copyrighted? I hate copyright. It doesn’t protect the people it should. Public domain everything that these AI create, companies will stay away, and we support creators directly.

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Probably the best gaming hardware purchase I’ve ever made. Play weekly, take it with us on vacation so we can hook it to hotel tvs and not put up with cable or smart tv BS. Absolutely love it.

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According to OSM, they’re complementary and they kind of work together:


A confused Dianne Feinstein tried to give a speech in the middle of a Senate hearing vote and was told to 'just say aye' instead (www.businessinsider.com)

Senator Dianne Feinstein appeared confused during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on Thursday. When asked to vote on a proposal, Feinstein began giving a lengthy speech instead of simply saying “aye” or “nay” as requested. The committee chair, Senator Patty Murray, had to repeatedly tell Feinstein “just say...

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While I think she’s missed too much, she’s quite old, and I think she should be replaced (though I’m not in her area so this is a moot point really), did anyone here actually watch the video?

This is a confusion in procedure and happens all the time.

Here is the video, go to 53:40 approximately:


heyfrancis, to asklemmy
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What can we do to keep the web open?


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Use tech and services outside the big tech. Just Fedi over standard social. Use Peertube instead of Youtube.

Run Firefox.

Set up your own servers for yourself or start a community. Matrix, Mastodon, Lemmy, etc.

Run SearXNG as your search or help others by hosting.

If you can work of free and open source code that helps decentralize and give the power back to the people or create something new. Even if you can code, learning a project and helping others with it or helping create docs, etc.

Spread the word, but don’t be annoying. Help less technical folks get decentralized.

It’s very difficult and can be disheartening, but you don’t have to cold turkey all of it. Each drip in the bucket helps until we’re all united and become a tidal wave.

When all the power is centralized that’s when those central players think they can do whatever they want.

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I’ve never heard of yacy.net but I will check it out. Thank you for the info!

Google employee responds to all the negative feedback WEI, (google drm the web) (github.com)

Hey everyone, thank you for your patience, and thank you to everyone who engaged constructively. It is clear based on the feedback we’ve received that a bigger discussion needs to take place, and I’m not sure my personal repository is the best place to do that - we are looking for a better forum and will update when we have...

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