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First election results are in ...

Me: goes back to listening to 1984 audio book, taking notes

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Note to self: Between versions 3.34.5 and 3.34.6, the packaging for the version of QGIS changed from 3.9 to Python 3.12.

Will have to test if/how is affected

HT: https://gitlab.com/Oslandia/qgis/qduckdb by @oslandia

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@vpicavet yes, bit strange, but I might have missed messages. There's still this open issue, for example, https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/issues/54491

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Today, I finally go around to updating the @movingpandas documentation website theme 🎉


Thanks to @geopandas team for providing a great example setup.

The last thing missing are some rewrites of paths to allow seamless switching to previous versions. If anyone understands the sphinx magic involved, any help would be highly appreciated.

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Data Analyst vs movement data

Today, I took ChatGPT's Data Analyst for a spin. You've probably seen the fancy advertising videos: just drop in a dataset and AI does all the analysis for you?! Let's see ...


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Der aktuell durch Medien aufgeblasene Skandal bei den zeigt doch schön, warum junge Menschen nicht in die Politik gehen wollen. Wenn sie es machen werden sie sofort angefeindet. Und wenn eine Partei kein ausgeklügeltes PR Team oder eigene Parteiakademien hat, ist sie unprofessionell.

Traurig was aus der Parteien- und Medienlandschaft wurde.

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@di0v0n 💯 wie diese private Streiterei ausgequetscht wird ist echt ekelhaft. Als ob Ö keine echten Probleme hätte. Die Prioritätensetzung bei der Berichterstattung erschließt sich mir nicht.

Es wird nie wieder Politiker geben von denen es keine blöden Chatnachrichten oder Socialmediafotos gibt. Die Zeiten sind vorbei.

Wie wäre es die zu belangen, die dem Staat Ö (uns allen) aktiv geschadet haben?!

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@xahteiwi @di0v0n

Ich werd den Teufel tun und sie verteidigen. Bleibe aber dabei, dass noch viel größere A*** in Amt und Würden sind.

Alle sollen wählen was ihnen wichtig ist. Kann man von der Persönlichkeit der Spitzenkandidatinnen abhängig machen oder vom Wahlprogramm und dem bisherigen politischen Wirken. Wäre halt nett, wenn darüber auch gesprochen würde

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Following up on our little poll from earlier this month: looks like people are interested in reviving the monthly #QGIS plugin update blog post. I'm therefore looking for a volunteer to help me make this happen. Drop me a message if you're interested


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"This is the diary of Ukrainian writer Vakulenko. His body was found in Izym in 2022. This diary was found by Ukrainian writer Victoria Amelina. She died after shelling in Kramatorsk in 2023. The Kharkiv factory that printed this book was destroyed by Russian shelling today."

HT @berdynskykh_k via Prof Gerdes https://youtu.be/28vw_0vvKr8?si=9jI673OGPypxjxRw

geojulien, to random French
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Vous pouvez arrêter de travailler, le jeu du Serpent a été porté dans QGIS :

🐍 + :qgis: = https://github.com/ViperMiniQ/Viper-QGIS-snake-clone

Démonstration du jeu du Serpent dans QGIS

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@geojulien love it 😍

MicheleTobias, to random
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Does anyone have a good way (or any way really) to stay organized while doing a literature review? I ask this periodically on social media in case anyone has figured it out.

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@MicheleTobias I import all papers in joplin. Then I paste key sections and figures in the paper note, right next to the pdf as a quick summary and for easier access. (I also use the athena plugin for full text search.) Additionally, I create one note per overarching topic where, for each individual paper, I write down what was relevant about that paper and add a link to the paper note

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New Trajectools 2.1 and MovingPandas 0.18 releases

Today marks the 2.1 release of for . This release adds multiple new algorithms and improvements. Since some improvements involve upstream functionality, I recommend to also update MovingPandas while you're at it.


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🙏🏻 please tell my that by now there is an easy command or tool or qgis plugin or something for reducing dual carriageways (e.g. from OpenStreetMap) to a single line. @migurski I remember you talking about this like 12 years ago and am finally ready to have follow-up questions.

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underdarkGIS, to python
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😅 I should probably leave logo design to the professionals, but this will have to do for now.

At least there is a small page besides the github repo now:


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wurde zu
einer Anhörung / Stellungnahme zum 🇩🇪 eingeladen:

Bei Interesse ist Jochen Topf die richtige Ansprechperson

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alpinegreg, to macos
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#QGIS should not be asking us #MacOS users to circumvent the built-in security checks in order to install it. It should install properly.

We should definitely fix this. Other FOSS projects seem to work fine with MacOS in this respect.

I would be willing to help out to fix this.

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@alpinegreg if you can help with Notarization (https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Mac-Packager/issues/31), please get in touch (anita@qgis.org)

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So glad our seminar paper on is finally published and open access 🎉

Mobility Data Science: Perspectives and Challenges


Kudos to the leading author team for distilling all the inputs

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@udemsar you're absolutely right. It's very hard to get people to really think and work interdisciplinarily. It's already hard between transport planners, geographers, and computer scientists, all working just on human mobility

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🔥 Thrilled to receive the MSCA Fellowship for my project, PRISM🔥

Over the next two years, I'll be based at the University of Münster, collaborating with Hanna Meyer to incorporate understanding of spatial patterns into machine learning algorithms.


Looking forward to this experience (starting in August).

msca logo

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@nowosad wow, that sounds really exciting. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with

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    @mszll thank you 🙏

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    🎉 Our demo has been accepted to the 24th International Conference on Mobile Data Management @mdm

    Looking forward to bringing to

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    Woa, just in time 😅

    @movingpandas v0.18.0 just landed on pypi and conda-forge

    For an overview of all new features and improvements, see

    Example notebooks will be updated later. Now it's time for

    pokateo, to random

    Hey ! What mappy things are going on?

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    @pokateo still working on getting the new QGIS website ready. It's a mammoth project

    jodygarnett, to opensource
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    A reminder to add a project to the @osgeo website you need to ask the incubation committee first (so we can check if the project is free/open source etc…).


    How to list your project on the OSGeo website

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    @jodygarnett @osgeo thanks for the reminder. It may be time to finally take the step with @movingpandas 🤔

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