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We've just released 14.0! 🚀🎉 We are introducing a consistent progress reporting across work package hierarchies.

Among other updates, project attributes are now listed on the project overview page. The Meetings module has been updated and there have been improvements on file storages.

🔍 Learn more about this release:

💙 Thanks a lot to our sponsors and our great Community!

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qualcuno ha una ? che ne pensa di questo progetto ? è fattibile? progetto è e gratuito

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First blinky greetings from the GTPE2_COMMON PLL using the toolchain.


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📢 Woohoo! Version v6.1.15 of Firefly III has just been released 🎉. Check it out over at GitHub, Docker, or download it using your favorite package manager.

vwbusguy, to opensource avatar Valkey is Rapidly Overtaking Redis

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There is a nice #A500 #Amiga main board replacement project running which is #OpenSource have a look at it, esp if you are still running you Amiga software on the metal

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Wooooo did another #OpenSource contribution! I fixed the supported versioning of a tool I use to generate changelogs after I discovered that we weren't using a valid version of #Node.

I love doing open source, wish I could do it more often!

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In another move[1] to stay up-to-date with latest version of Zig (v0.12.0), I've also updated all code (and .zig.zon depencency info) in the still-just-a-baby repo:

[1] Related (from yesterday):

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CentOS end of life is coming up fast (June 30th)! ⚡

ELevate makes it easy to move from CentOS 7.x to 8.x version of the RHEL derivative of your choice, or upgrade from 8.x to 9.x within the same derivative.

Check it out here:


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It's true! Come find out for yourself at our upcoming "Build Your First Package!" workshop, happening this Thursday.

We're filling up fast, but there are still a few seats left:

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Did you know that #SUSE runs a popular music channel on Youtube? #Linux #OpenSource

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Recognizing contributors matters!

The other day i ran into a bug in our stravalib docs with #python pydantic autodoc and the newest version of sphinx. i contributed to an issue here: noting what i did to patch around it and what versions it seemed to be impacted on.

i was then added as a bug contributor. i always do this for others but never knew how it felt to be added. I felt like my input was valuable! it felt really good. #opensource #community #openscience

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PSA: Do not submit "omnibus" pull requests to repos, especially without talking to the maintainer first. Keeping PRs generally focused to one particular problem or feature makes things far more manageable for reviewing, testing, and reverting/bug-fixing later on. I would always much rather have 10 smaller PRs focused one specific thing each than one massive unsolicited one with a bunch of scope creep.

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The US renews bill for major expansion of warrantless surveillance of non US citizens. This makes US cloud services incompatible with the GDPR.

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7 Will go end of life in about 2 months, and this isn’t the usual EOL distribution: this time, it’s the entire distribution that is being shelved, without any upgrade path.

So I decided to take a look at why it’s a bigger deal than usual, and invited Joao Correia from TuxCare and the Enterprise Linux Podcast for an interview, to explain the issues in more detail, since they are experts about this.

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The #OpenSource Professionals Job Survey Report is available now.

According to the findings,:

  • 89% of respondents said they considered an employer's open source policy when making job choices.

Download the free report for more details.

#jobs #FOSS #OSJH #LPI

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🦇 I’m bibat (a package, from Teddy Groves!)

📄 Docs:

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Happy Fedora Day!

OMG! We’re at forty! (Announcing the release of Fedora Linux 40) - Fedora Magazine

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Fedora Linux 40 is HERE! Check out all our latest variants for desktop, server, and more.

New features include:

  • @kde Plasma 6
  • @gnome 46
  • Fedora Atomic Desktops (rebrand for Silverblue et al)
  • PyTorch / ROCm
  • And more!

Learn more and try Fedora 40 today!

fedora, avatar

We are proud of the stable reputation that Fedora Workstation has built over the years. We hope to add to that with Fedora Workstation 40!

Workstation brings @gnome 46 to users with tweaks to the Settings and Files apps. You can now use Remote Login to connect to a computer even if it doesn't have an active session.

Learn about these quality of life improvements and more:

Try Fedora Workstation 40 today!

#Fedora #Gnome #Linux #OpenSource

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