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Scott Mumford (Dad Mod from r/paulthomasanderson)

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We’ve often described this as “…the best film you’ve never heard of.”

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Has anyone mentioned BARRY LYNDON yet?

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Just realized I’ve got a wide selection: Windows, MacOS, Android, and EndevourOS, and Manjaro. (I haven’t booted the Windows box in MONTHS…)

When playing Jellyfin off an Nvidia Shield TV, is it possible to set a default external video player per TV series?

As the title says, is it possible to set the default video player to use per TV series? I tend to switch between MXPlayer and JustPlayer depending on the content (JustPlayer for most content and MXPlayer for some sub heavy content). However, it’s annoying to have to select the player every time I start an episode....

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As a Shield user and new Jelly adopter, I’ll be interested in this answer. (Plus, I didn’t know there were player options.)

Edit: Happen to know where I find the player settings? 🤔

wilberfan, (edited )
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My only available options are

  • "Automatically choose"
  • “ExoPlayer”
  • “LibVLC (experimental)”
  • “External app”
  • “Always ask”

And ExoPlayer is the one already selected. Do I need to manually install JustPlayer and/or MXPlayer on the Shield?

Edit: Found 'em in the Play Store and installed them to the Shield. 👍

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Excellent episode. Something all of the LP-dismissives should hear…

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