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I’m on immutable fedora and the experience has been great. Aeon is similar, I can recommend it any day over a traditional install


Der wichtigste Ersatz ist vermutlich die Gallery und da ist Aves ganz gut

"Wir sind nicht überlebensfähig": Das System Volkswagen droht zu zerbrechen ( German

Der anstehende Jobkahlschlag ist der Vorbote des drohenden Niedergangs bei VW: Viel zu lange haben es sich Belegschaft und Management von Deutschlands wichtigstem Konzern in alten Gewohnheiten bequem gemacht. Wolfsburg kämpft ums Überleben....


In der Folge belief sich der Jahresüberschuss im Geschäftsjahr 2022 auf 12,5 (4,0) Mrd. €.



A lot of people only play games on their computer, hence running linux doesn’t make sense if they can’t play games on it

The Bulking Starterpack my Buddy sent to me for my birthday (

I started going to the gym two months ago, and had always trouble that my underarms are already tired before my back really gets going. So for my birthday my buddy created the “Bulking Starterpack” comprised of wristbands, pulling aids, nuts, peanut butter, protein bars and biscuits. May the fun begin


Nuts are a perfect way to gain muscles. And fat. You can get fat pretty fast with nuts :D

arappathor, to dach German

HLI: Interlaken heißt so...

... weil es liegt.


Wow! Genius!


Thank you! I found the filters (hidden) in the settings on desktop. Sadly there’s no quick access to it


See the other comment 👍🏻

The longest current OpenStreetMap username (

The longest current OpenStreetMap username is “bwdlqwbdjlbqlwdjbqlwjdbqljwbdlqwjbdlqwjdblqjwbdlqjwdbqlwjdblqwdblqjbdlqjwbdljqbwdljqwbdlqbwdbqwdblqwdlqwbdlbdlqbwldbqlwbdlqbwdlqbdlqbdljwbdlqwbdwlbqlwdblqwbdjlqwbdjlqwbdljqwbdljqbwdljqbdlqwbdlqbdljqbdljqbwdljbqldbqlwdbljqwbdljqwdbqlwdbqlwjdbqlwdbqlw”.


I guess that’s not true anymore.

There’s bwdlqwbdjlbqlwdjbqlwjdbqljwbdlqwjbdlqwjdblqjwbdlqjwdbqlwjdblqwdblqjbdlqjwbdljqbwdljqwbdlqbwdbqwdblqwdlqwbdlbdlqbwldbqlwbdlqbwdlqbdlqbdljwbdlqwbdwlbqlwdblqwbdjlqwbdjlqwbdljqwbdljqbwdljqbdlqwbdlqbdljqbdljqbwdljbqldbqlwdbljqwbdljqwdbqlwdbqlwjdbqlwdbqlwa


That’s my alt acc


There are flatpaks and firefox decides to publish debs.

Recommend security-first basic Linux Apps! (

As part of the effort of making a “Chromebook-like” secure, autoupdating, cloud-native, “unbreakable” (but still free and privacy-friendly) Distro, I would like some of your recommendations on especially secure software, that could replace common ones like File managers, Archive Managers, PDF reader, Image viewer etc....


Afaik the problem is solved within the code. I remember having compiled the app myself. It’s just a matter of time that it’s solved.

BUT it’s weird that this is so low priority to all gnome devs. It seems like noone cares about the correct weather. The source of weather is also not really perfect.

OpenSUSE Leap 15.5 -> Tumbleweed conversion

Thinking of trying to morph my Leap workstation into Tumbleweed (and potentially Slowroll once that project matures enough). I’ve seen that you can do it . I reckon I can rollback relatively easily via the BTRFS snapshots if it goes sideways, but just curious to see what others’ experience with doing so has been.

Shutting down the Matrix bridge to Libera Chat (

Today we are sorry to announce that we are not able to bring the Libera Chat bridge back online. We have already begun working through clean up tasks, such as clearing ghosts, and expect to be done by December 22. If you see any bridge artifacts left past that point, please let us know....


Sure, it raises a lot of questions but they can’t or can not yet be answered negatively.

Which law enforcement agencies? That’s not neccessarily bad. Tor is/was funded by the CIA.


The CLA isn’t that great I agree, yet there are other implementations and anyone can set up another server.

The Unity Desktop Environment an Underrated Masterpiece (

Why is the unity is underrated when its what i use right now with Ubuntu Unity and its actually really great experience for my 2021 HP Stream 11 Laptop and i hope you all to share your experiences using the unity de in Debain Ubuntu Arch Fedora Gentoo Opensuse Etc thanks for your Amazing community my Wonderful Friends


Thx for your answer, I found the workflow for podman. With a new distro came the change to selinux and podman which is why I had no experience with docker and selinux either. Now, it works as expected. Thx!

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