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Though the justices offered different reasons, the decision was unanimous.


[…] The provision was adopted after the Civil War to forbid those who had taken an oath “to support the Constitution of the United States” from holding office if they then “shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”


The case, Trump v. Anderson, No. 23-719, is not the only one concerning Mr. Trump on the Supreme Court’s docket. The justices said last week they would decide whether he was immune from prosecution for his role in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, delaying trial proceedings in his criminal case as they consider the matter. And the justices already agreed to decide on the scope of a central charge in the federal election-interference case against Mr. Trump, with a ruling by June.

There you have it - a unanimous ruling, though the three liberal justices had a different logic than the six conservative ones.

The only way Americans will be rid of Trump is by voting for Biden in November.

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Yeah, I deleted his comment. Definitely spam of some sort.

RE: Is Ernest still here?

I check in here quite often, but for now, I'm just focusing on clearing spam and keeping the instance alive. In January, I was working on the AP module, and there has been significant progress in the work, which hasn't been publicly published yet. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year, I developed a skin condition that...

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Thank you so much for the update ernest! I can only imagine how much work this website takes, and I hope you have a swift recovery - skin problems are no joke!

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I think they’re going to rule on the two Trump cases in different ways so they can claim they will be “unbiased.”

  1. They will allow Trump to be on the ballot
  2. They will say Trump is not immune to prosecution
  3. Republicans will then say “OhH sEe CoNsErVaTiVe SuPrEmE cOuRt iS sO uNbIaSeD” while also delaying Trump’s trials so they will not be finished until after the election

Worst timeline

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I am getting increasingly frustrated with the NY Times coverage of the US 2024 election.

Joe Biden was old yesterday, he is old today, and he will be old tomorrow. At this point every person on the planet knows he is old. But, it seems that is all they care to write about RE: Joe Biden.

Not saying it’s not something people should be worried about - it’s NOT a good thing for a President to be in his eighties. But the NY Times seems to totally gloss over the fact that it’s the people he surrounds himself with that are 100% better than the alternative and are not geriatric.

/end rant

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Senator Mitch McConnell, the longtime top Senate Republican, said on Wednesday he would give up his spot as the party’s leader at the end of this year, acknowledging that his Reaganite national security views had put him out of step with a party now headed by former president Donald J. Trump.

“Believe me, I know the politics within my party at this particular time,” Mr. McConnell, who turned 82 last week, said in a speech on the Senate floor announcing his intentions. “I have many faults. Misunderstanding politics is not one of them.”

Took Mitch a little too long to admit this if you ask me. Democrats have been saying that the “party of Reagan” is dead for years.

It’s been the party of Trump ever since he won the nomination in 2016.

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About damn time.

Still, Victor Orbán has become a little too close to Putin and has a rather bad habit of vetoing things that conspicuously align with Russia’s agenda rather than NATO’s or the EU’s.

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Speaking to reporters in Beaufort, South Carolina, last week, Lara Trump, Trump’s daughter-in-law, was asked whether the RNC would help to pay Trump’s legal bills as he faces prosecution in four jurisdictions across the country.

“Well, I said every penny will go to making sure Donald Trump will be the 47th president, to ensuring that we have great candidates to expand our lead in the House and to take back the Senate,” she said, adding about providing funding for his legal expenses, “I actually don’t know where they stand on that.”

Emphasis is mine.

Trump wants to run the United States like one of his businesses; nepotism appointments and stealing funds to fuel his lavish and unsustainable lifestyle.

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It’s a total clown show lol.

I have heard excuses that range from “she’s not actually the one in charge” to “if she wasn’t qualified the other republicans wouldn’t support her.”

Never mind the fact that a candidate who isn’t even the nominee yet just had the RNC chair fired and recommended his daughter in law for the job.

On top of everything else RE: Trump, I don’t even know what to say to that because the level of stupidity and cognitive dissonance required to believe these things makes any rational argument I come up with fall on deaf ears. It’s maddening.

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Good to know! I guess we will have to wait for ernest to come back then to enable it on

I hope he is doing well, his last post mentioned a hospital visit.

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Donald Trump is an incredibly unusual political force. On the one hand, he is despised by many, even within his own party, and on the other he is loved in a cult-like fashion by his base. There really isn’t a middle ground.

For a normal candidate, this absolutely would be ringing alarm bells but he is far from normal. Also, of those republicans who do hate Trump, they still do not realize that the Republican Party they belong to and plan to vote for (the so-called “Party of Reagan”) no longer exists.

Just like in 2016 and 2020, the republicans will probably turn out and vote for him in 2024. The only thing that will stop Trump is turning out to vote for Biden in 2024 & drumming up enthusiasm for the dems.

If Trump loses again, we may finally see the end of his political cult and stranglehold over the republican party; it will take them a bit to find a successor because they have no clear heir, or a charismatic one at that.

CoffeeAddict, (edited )
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Not surprising, but still depressing that so many people think this clown should be back in the White House.

Edit: wrote “unsurprising” instead of surprising.

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Surprising. I edited my comment accordingly - thanks for the correction.

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Not sure. It’s hard to say what her plan is, but it’s possible she’s banking on either Trump’s legal problems sinking him or even the cholesterol taking him.

I’ve read some articles that say she’s staying in the race on principle. I have also read others that say she is staying in to stay relevant for 2028 and beyond. I have also read that she doesn’t have too much incentive to drop out until after Super Tuesday because she has good fundraising; there are still wealthy and well-connected republicans who don’t want Trump again.

Whatever her plan is, she seems to have burned the VP option with Trump.

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Seriously though.

If the Deep State were actually real half the problems the anti-Deep State people complain about wouldn’t exist.

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[…] Trained in ideas, the political class sees in grand terms — “authoritarian” this, “isolationist” that — a man who is, at bottom, a miser. The ultimate rule of negotiating with Trump is that no one will be worse at it than an intellectual.

An interesting take, but not totally incorrect. I think it depends more on how much one can appeal to Trump’s ego. It has been apparent for years that Trump is manipulated by compliments; anyone who sucks up to him can influence him.

But I am also reminded of Mark Twain's quote “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” I think this is certainly true of Trump. Most intellectual arguments will fall flat with him unless they can be spun in a way that makes Trump look good.

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Wisconsin is finally able to undo the ratfuckery the Republicans did over a decade ago.

Just another reminder that it can take years to undo the damage done after just one lost election.

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