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I found this a really interesting tool for understanding the picture across different bits of the electorate.

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However, Khan said Sunak and his team had still not fully addressed the remarks made by Anderson last month. While the Ashfield MP was suspended from the Tory party, ministers have refused to say the remarks amounted to Islamophobia. “We are a week on from the racist, anti-Muslim and Islamophobic remarks made by a senior Tory MP,” Khan told a London Labour conference last night. “The prime minister has failed to condemn them for what they are – even as he stood outside No 10 and spoke out against extremism – and neither has anybody around him.


The Conservatives received further criticism after reports that Anderson, who has refused to apologise for his comments about Khan, appeared with former prime minister Liz Truss at a party fundraiser in Nottinghamshire on Friday. Many Tory MPs suspect Anderson is planning to defect to Reform UK, the successor to the Brexit party.

It was exceptionally hypocritical of Sunak to condemn extremism at a time when he personally is taking such a softly-softly approach to his own far-right friends and allies.

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I put in a request to take over a magazine last year when its previous moderator disappeared, and ernest actioned it pretty quickly. It looks like he hasn't posted for a month or so now though - hope he's doing okay. Running this thing must be a hell of a weight to carry.

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Non-paywall link:

The contrast with the speed with which the Colorado challenge and the Bush vs Gore ruling went through the Supreme Court is damning.

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There is very little to read into this. Rochdale is an unusual constituency, Galloway is an unusually high profile candidate, there was no official Labour or Green candidate. Still, he failed to even win 40% of the vote yesterday.

This sort of thing is his speciality. He's personally won three seats from Labour over the last few decades but never in circumstances that can be repeated by other candidates in other seats. This will be no different.

Also he's a deeply unpleasant individual. It's frustrating that the false charge of antisemitism gets thrown round like confetti by supporters of the Netanyahu regime, because when an actual bonafide antisemite like Galloway comes along people don't realise that this time the shoe does fit. His previous support for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is total horseshoe theory stuff.

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Imagine working in a heavily subsidised sector and yet still protesting about the importing of cheap food during a cost of living crisis...

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche!

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In much of this Argentina could profitably copy Peru. Two things are at the root of Argentines’ longstanding mistrust of the peso. One is persistent fiscal deficits that governments have financed by forcing the central bank to print money. Mr Milei is stopping that. The second is protectionism. Even with a bumper agricultural harvest in 2022, Argentina’s exports that year were only 14% of gdp, compared with 26% in Peru. And Argentina’s nationalist economic policies deterred foreign investment. The result is that its central bank has exhausted its international reserves.

Mr Milei’s proposal to impose dollarisation and shut the central bank attacks the symptom rather than the cause. An earlier Argentine president, Carlos Menem, imposed a kind of soft dollarisation in the 1990s, fixing the peso by law at par to the greenback. But Mr Menem was fiscally lax and Argentina’s economy differs too much from that of the United States to form what economists call an optimal currency area. Over time the peso became overvalued; a successor government had to impose wrenching deflation, which could not prevent a financial collapse in 2001-02.

Since taking office Mr Milei has said little about dollarisation. He has shown willingness to rule by decree, but has so far lacked the political skill to pass reforms in Congress. He was in Israel when the omnibus bill was withdrawn. Since returning to Argentina he has made headlines for picking spats with a pop star and calling Congress a “den of rats”. Such belligerence will make it harder for him to succeed.

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What is Nikki Haley's plan from here? It doesn't look like she's got a route to win against Trump. Is she holding out in case his criminality/health/age withdraws him from the race, or is she going for some semblance of an honourable attempt to try to wound him during the primaries and help stop him getting to the White House?

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A child who was groomed and sex trafficked by terrorists is now being punished for it. Also this is a punishment that is only being applied to her because she has Bangladeshi ancestors so the government argues she is hypothetically eligible for a Bangladeshi passport (which the government of Bangladesh has no intention of giving her), and so the Tories can pretend they're not illegally rendering her stateless.

This is literally a punishment that, by the Tories' own formulation of their rule, would not be applied if the sex trafficking victim was a white girl called Shania with English parents instead of a brown girl called Shamima.

We're supposed to be a country where people are treated equally before the law. But the Tories are now claiming that they and any future government has the right to render any Briton with some hypothetical right to a foreign passport (for example, most second generation immigrants and every single Jewish Briton) stateless at the whim of the home secretary.

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Totally. In my alternative scenario where she was a blonde-haired blue-eyed white girl called Shania, the Daily Express would have turned her into a Madeleine McCann-like figure and campaigned every day on their front pages to 'bring our girl home'.

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I'm all for appropriately punishing people for the crimes they commit. But we usually don't deprive solo-nationality citizens of their citizenship (leaving them stateless) for the crimes she is accused of - this is a punishment that is only being applied to UK (including UK-only) nationals who have recent foreign ancestors (i.e. so who could hypothetically - but often not in practice - be eligible for another country's citizenship - in her case, Bangladesh). We also don't usually apply extreme punishments like this to people for crimes committed as children, and we don't usually punish children who were groomed and sex trafficked by terrorists as if they were the perpetrators.

The reality is that if Shamima Begum was a blonde-haired blue-eyed white girl whose parents and grandparents were all from Surrey, the media would have described her as a victim of sex trafficking; and the law that permits this punishment to be applied to her could not even have been used.

The legal system should not treat UK citizens differently according to whether or not the Tories think they look a bit foreign.

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What a loon.


  • far from 'thwarting' her plans, the UK's economic establishment wasn't even consulted on them (the OBR);

  • causing the gilt (UK government bond) market to crash when the scale of her unhinged and unfunded fiscal loosening was announced;

  • causing UK pension schemes that were overweight gilts to almost default;

  • causing another part of the UK's economic establishment (the Bank of England) to have to come in and clean up her mess;

  • causing her own party to seize control of economic governance from her to prevent her doing more harm before they eventually got rid of her.

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The UK has an independent civil service but the problem with Truss's premiership isn't that they thwarted her, it's that she thwarted them - if she hadn't broken with convention by deliberately freezing out the OBR from what she was planning (meaning there were no independent fiscal projections to go alongside her budget), then either the OBR could have warned her about the consequences, or at the very least the bond market might have reacted less violently to the announcements.

She's crafted a narrative that some left-wing state establishment brought her down, when the actual facts are that her own party removed her after she spooked the financial markets - neither of them being much of a bastion of leftist thinking. The civil service quietly took all this lying down, which is what the markets (which tend to like good economic governance - OBR, central bank independence, etc) were so worried about.

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