How do you figure- this I would think would be frustrating since dems can go “see thanks to Biden we’re not in a recession like everyone else” (accurate or not)


1950’s. It’s literally right there in the bottom right. 50’s. Not 40s.


Many systems still use discrete tpms. Just because the CPU has a virtual tpm function doesn’t mean it’s used


Which are those dangerous permissions? It doesn’t change any of the permissions that allows extensions to read all site data, so it doesn’t increase privacy/eliminate data theft concerns


When of course the reality is most users want absolutely nothing to do with “fixing” their computer anyway and would revolt VEHEMENTLY if they were forced to.

Looking for donations to a cat rescue in Chicago (

Consider a donation please my guys, I know you’re probably inundated but these are genuinely good people who are among those who deserve the help. They take in cats who normally wouldn’t be saved- one of which the owners adopted BECAUSE it was unlikely the cat would get a home. I’ve met with the owners over many years,...

Black Lotus boot wim patch issues for MCM/MECM/SCCM

If you’re running into issues where the “Pre-provision bitlocker” step is failing (win32_tpm wmi provider load errors) after trying to apply the 2023-05 May patches to your boot image in MCM for the black lotus vulnerability: don’t try to redo with any boot wim that has already been touched by configmgr- do your patches...

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