Is there really any other reaction?

Russia, China, Iran state media see boost on X after removal of ‘state-affiliated’ labels (

The accounts of several Russian, Chinese and Iranian state media outlets saw a 70 percent increase in engagement on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, after it removed labels identifying them as “state-affiliated,” according to a new report released Tuesday....

GPUs from all major suppliers are vulnerable to new pixel-stealing attack (

GPUs from all six of the major suppliers are vulnerable to a newly discovered attack that allows malicious websites to read the usernames, passwords, and other sensitive visual data displayed by other websites, researchers have demonstrated in a paper published Tuesday....


The problem is that so many browsers leverage hardware acceleration and offer access to the GPUs. So yes, the browsers could fix the issue, but the underlying cause is the way GPUs handle data that the attack is leveraging. Fixing it would likely involve not using hardware acceleration.

As these patterns are processed by the iGPU, their varying degrees of redundancy cause the lossless compression output to depend on the secret pixel. The data-dependent compression output directly translates to data-dependent DRAM traffic and data-dependent cache occupancy. Consequently, we show that, even under the most passive threat model—where an attacker can only observe coarse-grained redundancy information of a pattern using a coarse-grained timer in the browser and lacks the ability to adaptively select input—individual pixels can be leaked. Our proof-of-concept attack succeeds on a range of devices (including computers, phones) from a variety of hardware vendors with distinct GPU architectures (Intel, AMD, Apple, Nvidia). Surprisingly, our attack also succeeds on discrete GPUs, and we have preliminary results indicating the presence of software-transparent compression on those architectures as well.

It sounds distantly similar to some of the canvas issues where the acceleration creates different artifacts which makes it possible to identify GPUs and fingerprint the browsers.


Many sites have had to enable reveal passwords for people with complicated passwords not using password managers.

It's low risk, but their numbers are also coming from fairly dated hardware and is just proof of concept. It can almost certainly be speed up significantly.


Take this article with a grain of salt.

  1. the site that hosts it is a garbage clickbait health site.
  2. It links to an article in the NIH database, but it's from last year and as the bright yellow box says, there are some concerns about the article. ( concern and the reply )
  3. It has been corrected
  4. They also note in the article "all oral contraceptive pills may cause mood changes, but the newer oral contraceptive pills containing estradiol or estradiol valerate may be less likely to cause mood changes."

Apple Releases macOS Sonoma With Interactive Widgets, Game Mode, and More For all Compatible Macs - Download Available (

macOS Sonoma will bring significant improvements to Safari where you can create separate profiles and a personal account that will track your preferences and activities with all of your saved passwords for websites, and much more. Widgets are also part of the final release, allowing you to gain access to information at a glance....


This one's super sketch. It's not even a study, it's just an article and the particular claim they're making comes from other research and is more about older contraceptives.


top notch exploration, and the story was just the right amount.

Don't Nod's Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden Delayed To February (

Don't Nod Entertainment, the studio behind Life is Strange, revealed its action RPG, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, during The Game Awards last year. Earlier this year, in June, Don't Nod announced Banishers will be released in November but today, the studio delayed its release to next year. More specifically, Banishers will now...

Final Fantasy 14’s 6.5 patch arrives next week (Oct 3rd) with a new dungeon, trial, alliance raid and more (

Growing Light was first teased during the Letter from the Producer Live event at Fan Fest Las Vegas in July, confirming that Growing Light will be split across two major updates. The first will land in FF14’s patch 6.5 on October 3rd, ahead of the second part in patch 6.55 next January....

CD Projekt apologise for Cyberpunk 2077 Ukrainian script's potentially "offensive" references to Russians (

CD Projekt have formally commented on the presence of references to the Russia-Ukraine war in Cyberpunk 2077's recently added Ukrainian localisation, apologising for dialogue lines "that can be considered offensive by Russian gamers", while reiterating their support for Ukraine....

Scott Herkelman Announces His Departure from AMD (

Scott Herkelman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of AMD's Graphics Business Unit, has announced that he will be leaving AMD at the end of this year. As noted in his Twitter post, he spent last seven years at AMD, and launches three generations of RDNA graphics architectures. Scott Herkelman is a veteran of the...

Newegg Introduces Graphics Card Trade-In Program (

Newegg Commerce, Inc., a global e-commerce leader for technology products, today announced the launch of Newegg's GPU Trade-In Program, allowing customers to trade in an eligible GPU device and receive a trade-in value credit toward the purchase of a new qualifying graphics card also known as a graphics processing unit (GPU)....

Escape From Tarkov Arena Hands-On Preview: The Hardcore FPS Remixed as a Fast-Paced FPS – TGS 2023 - IGN (

Escape from Tarkov is a game that makes you feel amazing if you win, and awful if you lose. You're likely to feel terrible again and again if you play it, but the thrill when everything goes right makes up for all of that. And while it's hard to beat that feeling of pleasure, I imagine I'm not the only person who played Tarkov...

Baldur's Gate 3's latest patch has introduced a 'very frustrating, borderline unplayable' glitch that makes companions dump their inventories on you (

The third patch for the game tried to ameliorate that a bit, implementing a new "Shared Stash" system that took important quest items away from party members when you dismissed them and placed them in your inventory. It's not much, but it does mean you don't lose track of your severed clown torso because you happened to dismiss...

Todd Howard says that Starfield's ship AI sucks on purpose so players can actually hit stuff: 'You have to make the AI really stupid' (

Todd Howard agrees that it was a bit of a pain to get right, as he said in a recent interview with the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. "[Space combat] was way harder than we thought … We see a lot of space games where you're gonna have like, derelict ships or other things to fly around, just to get a sense of motion,...


I read that to mean it's a digital download only and not a physical copy in stores, but didn't put much thought into it.

Announcing ‘Be My AI,’ Soon Available for Hundreds of Thousands of Be My Eyes Users (

Since 2015, Be My Eyes has worked to connect our 6.9 million volunteers to users to assist them with everyday tasks. Our mission is to make the world more accessible for people who are blind or have low vision, which is why, seven months ago, our team began working with the blind community to incorporate AI into the existing Be...


Yeah as the other person suggested i suspect it's more like "when do these expire?" "does this have mold on it?" "what does this sign say?"

You might get some about "does this match?" but i don't know

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