Holy moly. Wat kunnen we als belastingbetaler hier aan doen? Wachten tot de volgende verkiezingen...


So I'm not allowed to walk around with my pocketknife anymore. I don't have it on me every day, but when I'm outside the whole day I usually do, for e.g. making lunch and what have you.

I know practically it shouldn't matter, as the police cannot search me, but in theory I'm now doing illegal stuff when I have it on me.


Don't think that's how it works... I guess they can squat it again, assuming the shop downstairs is just literal window dressing and doesn't actually open.

I think it's mainly helpful when a new eviction needs to be fought. I'm sure it's also a morality boost to the squatting movement.


Maybe the city could get some mobile cameras that can move around the city every few weeks/months. They're really effective at the Rijksmuseum and CS.

Q&A Thread - Your Question Goes Here - Especially Tourists and New Residents

This is the place for anyone to ask questions about Amsterdam. If you are a tourist visiting Amsterdam, you are moving to or recently arrived in Amsterdam, or you just have a basic question about life in Amsterdam and want some advice, this is the place to post your question....


Not a tourist, but trying to figure out how Kbin works... I'm on mobile and I have no clue how to create a new thread in this magazine. I also found the subscription button to be hidden way to much (couple of clicks and a bit of scrolling).

My idea was to post a thread to discuss exactly these things and see if we can hash out some stuff to make the transition easier/give people a place to ask questions. But yeah, no clue how to even make a text post!

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