The shit is already hitting the fan at discord, with their useless username changes being the most recent thing no one asked for. They also have an API which tons of 3rd party apps and bots rely on. It's only a matter of time before they pull a reddit.

/kbin quick update

As you noticed, I had to temporarily enable DDoS protection. Someone is trying quite effectively to distract me from my activities ;p Unfortunately, this may cause some issues with the federation. I will try to cut off the traffic as soon as possible and return to normal operation. Thank you for all your support and patience! :)


They did. The sub was /r/KbinMigration


I feel like Christian wouldn't take a job at reddit if they offered one. He seems to be pretty set on being a native iOS developer and reddit's app is cross-platform. Not to mention he has beef with the CEO now, lol

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